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Everything points to the fact that Russia does not want to play the role of farcical bear who does not respond to the whistle, laughter and hooting, but is afraid of biting lashes. It is this role and some would want to take Russia.

Perhaps irretrievably sunk into oblivion are the days when the drunk who became president (in which George W. Bush, by the way, is not alone), destroying the existing state institutions with the use of military force and with the help of a coup for the looting, the privatization of state property, the systematic defamation of the entire Soviet , the history of the USSR. This led to the fact that "Moscow has ceased to play a leading role on the world stage and became obedient executor of decrees from Washington, although sometimes Yeltsin and allowed himself to buck, for example, during the events in the former Yugoslavia", reminds us Higinio Polo (Higinio Polo) in the online edition of El Viejo Topo.

West probably can hardly come to his senses after reports that a few days ago, the Russian Army has successfully tested an intercontinental ballistic missile, which is not capable of intercepting no U.S. missile defense system.

"Neither the current nor future U.S. system is not able to prevent the rocket achieve its goals", — Assured the Deputy Prime MinisterDmitry Rogozin.

And this is certainly not a sign of imperial ambitions, as naive people might think (if any), and measures to ensure their own safety.

Already during his first presidency (2000 to 2008), despite the heavy legacy of the Yeltsin (in the words Higinio Polo), Vladimir Putin held a deep analysis of U.S. imperial policy and the effects of their warlike course, subjected to harsh criticism — among other broken promises — expansion NATO and the approach of its infrastructure to the borders of Russia.

Or to remain silent in the face of the deployment of a missile defense shield, created for the application of a preemptive nuclear strike? To pretend that nothing is happening, when this is the anti-missile shield is deployed in Europe and hatched plans to expand it to Israel and several Arab states with the reactionary ruling regimes? Or cute smile after the Pentagon announced the Asia-Pacific region as a zone of its priority interests, and in the meantime continued aggression against Iraq and Afghanistan, is a dirty war for regime change in Syria on the Libyan scenario?

You have to be really crazy, if not suicidal, to idly watch the helix unwinds new Cold War, with roots you know where.

Moscow did not think twice and in response to the growth of the military budget of the United States, accounting for 43% of global military spending (despite the severe economic crisis in which they wallowed on the ears), has allocated $ 1.2 billion to accelerate the modernization of missile systems, "Iskander-M "that can disable elements of the U.S. missile defense system based in Europe. At the same time the Russian leadership does not cease to call for the prevention of a possible deterioration, which can lead to the universal catastrophe. These calls sound very convincing, if we remember the deaths of millions of people during the Second World War.

But the matter does not end there. After the deployment of the U.S. missile defense system in the Czech Republic and Poland "Iskander-M" were deployed in the Kaliningrad region. In addition, Russia rapidly is adopting hypersonic sea-based nuclear missile "Bulava", the trajectory of which it is impossible to predict, making it very difficult to intercept them.

In fact, do not need to have a special gift of providence, to distinguish "Obscure Object of Desire" of the ruling elite of world capitalism, which has reached its advanced stage.

Moscow leaders are closely watching the development of the international situation. With its rich mineral resources, vast territory (and thus the opportunity to influence the development of the situation in the energy-rich eastern countries from Pakistan to the Maghreb) and acting as a balancing factor of the worsening with each passing day rivalry between the U.S. and China, Russia is playing every day an increasingly important role on the world stage. And this role is supported by its great national dignity.

Not for nothing, and angry Russian bear growls. He rightly believes that the best two or three clumsy like him than a lone buffalo on the plains.

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