Russian-Belgian plant Sim-Ross-Lamifil launches


Company "Sim-Ross Lamifil" introduced a new generation of innovative wire for electric power transmission line at the International Forum "Upgrid-2012".  

The production of these wires will be launched in Russia at the Russian-Belgian plant, which was built in Uglich, Yaroslavl region.  

The wires of the new generation, represented by "Sim-Ross-Lamifil" — a new design and new materials that give a unique combination of superior mechanical and electrical properties of conductors. In the center of the entire line of new products — composite core wire. Applying these innovations, network companies are able to provide a significant increase in the capacity of transmission and distribution networks, reduce transmission losses and improve the reliability of power transmission lines, ensuring uninterrupted power supply to consumers.  

In a report presented at the forum by "Sim-Ross-Lamifil", was given a calculation showing the undeniable economic performance in the Russian conditions innovative wires. However, despite the strong technical and economic advantages, the introduction of innovative products have to overcome a number of administrative barriers. This is an outdated regulatory and technical base of power, the lack of advanced programs for the design of lines, inadequate technical requirements for the project financial evaluation of projects not on the cost of ownership, as it is in Europe and the leading world power systems, and the cost of expenses for construction or reconstruction of power lines. These serious problems require an integrated, national approach.  

"That’s why our company has come out with an initiative to pass the Federal program on energy conservation and efficiency of transmission and distribution grids, including government support for innovative energy-efficient and energy-saving technologies for electricity," — said Nikita Topuridze.  

"The initiation of such a program is possible on the basis of Article 6 of the Federal Law № 261-FZ on energy efficiency," — he explained. — This program should be developed with the participation of all stakeholders: the Ministry of Energy, Ministry of Regional Development, the specialized committees of the State Duma, the energy companies. With this proposal, we turned to the energy community at the Forum Upgrid ".

For the modernization of the electric grid complex of the Russian Federation needs a state program to support innovative energy-efficient and energy-saving technologies for electricity — the president of the Group of Companies "Sim-Ross" Nikita Topuridze. "We feel a great interest in our project by the representatives of the companies, the electric grid complex," — he said. — "When solving the problems of energy efficiency and conservation, and experts, and representatives of the Department of Energy’s power grid facilities called the bottleneck. Deterioration of networks is around 70%. Therefore, the power industry today faces serious challenges in the reconstruction and modernization of the networks."

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