Russian bezekranny display from DisplAir goes on sale

Air display DisplAir, Astrakhan created by developers, will go on sale March 28, 2013 at a price of 398 thousand rubles. However, the first deliveries to customers will begin only in the fall.

The world’s first multi-touch display bezekranny DisplAir will be sold for 398 thousand rubles. On the start of sales of the device will be announced on March 28, 2013

In autumn 2012 this development was the winner of the award "Live electronics Russia".

Displair — not only existing in the world bezekranny display. Analogs produced FogScreen Finnish and American Heliodisplay. However, the creators Displair note that their development is the world’s only aerial display that supports multi-touch (multi-touch).

All known competitors Displair used as the image carrier laminar flow of water droplets ("foggy screen") that unwholesome effect on the integrity of the picture when you try to touch a foreign object such as a finger.

In contrast Displair projects the image on the turbulent flow of the solid particles of water up to 2 m, whose properties allow you to record up to 1,500 simultaneous touches. However, the solid microparticles Displair inherent resistance to heat and frost: they do not evaporate or freeze.

Touch to the "air" display and move the hands of the operator reads a set of infrared and optical receivers that are able to distinguish between angular and linear movements and their speed is delayed no more than 0.2 seconds. Displair developers say the system is able to recognize more complex gestures, rather than those that offer multi-touch-existing system of interactive screens.

The principal drawback of technology all "water" is the need to display their filling with fluid. Displair consumes 1.5 liters of water per hour.

Prospective buyers Displair offers two payment options: paying 50% of the cost of obtaining and devices in October 2013 (and a bonus package of applications for 2000 dollars), with an advance payment of one thousand dollars with the expectation of delivery in December 2013

According to the company Daniel Tikhomirov, the company has 496 applications for purchase Displair. In addition, developers are in talks with Deutsche Telekom and Fuji, previously shown interest device, the conditions and the amount of pre-order.

The last six months working prototypes Displair are rented for 30 thousand rubles. in time, so the company is able to partially cover the costs and receive feedback on the device. Among its tenants Displair calls Microsoft Russia, Intel Russia, Google, «MegaFon», regional offices Volvo, KIA, etc.

Astrakhan developers Displair in 2012-2013. received an investment of about $ 3.5 million from Leta Capital, Venture Angels, Ester Dyson, and several other private investors. Chapter Leta Capital Chachava Alexander said that out of which the share of its investment company for about $ 3 million

Chachava said DisplAir technology can be made arbitrarily wide screens of air, but with increasing the vertical resolution can be a problem with the generator water particles, which image is projected. At the current stage of development, it was decided to resort to a series of devices with a size of 30 inches in width.

The developers report that their plans is "quite unusual and versatile line of aircraft displays and software," which will be a model with different size of the screen, but did not disclose details.

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