Russian biologists will be able to revive the Russian forest

Russia is losing the forest. Somewhere they are cut down uncontrollably, somewhere dying from fires, and somewhere just become a victim of local mismanagement. Forest restoration is also, it oversees the Federal Forestry Agency, but the good performance of the plans of the real result is unfortunate. Now, the agency intends to monitor the quality of planting material, which is used in forest restoration.

In Voronezh today can offer high-quality planting material. Here, a method of receipt based on a unique technology mikroklonirovaniya and bio-stimulation. Employees are able to prepare a convincing business plan and with the assistance of the Chamber of Commerce to get Russian state grant.

This apparent recognition of the fact that the situation created in forestry over the years only exacerbated. In the European part of Russia since 1993, the forest area which are suitable for cutting, reduced by 60%. Great damage inflicted forestry fires that raged in 2010 and 2011. Killed 1.3 million hectares of forest.

For reforestation is needed in a lot of high-quality, fast-growing, improved breeding, varietal seedlings of valuable species of coniferous and deciduous species. The existing nursery to solve this problem do not.

That proposed Voronezhskiye biologists can seriously correct the situation, in particular those marketed number of crops where the lion’s share — 80% — imported occupy seedlings. At planting material of Russian origin account for approximately 10%, the same share of the market held suppliers of seedlings from Belarus, Ukraine and other countries of the former Soviet Union.


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