Russian border guards got a new UAV

Group ZALAAERO (Izhevsk) — The Russian company that manufactures unmanned aircraft and helicopters. In the world there are not more than 10 companies with innovative technology of production of unmanned helicopters. Unique in its kind and helicopters ZALA 421-06 ZALA 421-02M, as well as a number of unmanned aircraft and automatic control systems are designed by talented engineers in just 4-plus years.

UAV «Zala», designed to monitor the protected portion of the border, the border guards entered service Baikal region, reported on Saturday in the press service of the Russian FSB Border Control on the edge.

The entire combat system, starting with high-impact housing and finishing software and hardware, made in Izhevsk.

"This UAV can conduct effective monitoring of protected area boundaries both in the daytime and at night. Image with drone transmitted to the computer screen, which can be located within 20 km of the aircraft ", — explained the spokesperson Marina Kostyuchenkova.

According to her, "complex can stay aloft for up to two hours and a maximum speed of 120 km per hour, with« Zala »works on the principle of the boomerang — in case of emergency situations in its program lies the problem back to the starting point."

Protection of the eastern borders of Russia is becoming more technological. Border guards Baikal region to ensure the safety of about 2 thousand km Sino-Russian and Russian-Mongolian border, have already begun to be used to control the line of the border latest wireless system "Rubicon", which replace the traditional barriers and barbed wire.

"Rubicon" allows you to instantly identify the direction, speed and route of the offending border. In addition, the Trans-Baikal area boundaries established optical-electrical thermal imaging modules "Focus" that determine the location of the object within a radius of 15 km, and the control gates have new portable thermal imagers, which are used border detail.

In the arsenal of border guards Baikal region have a unique set of "Trotter" radar that can detect an intruder in all weather conditions.

"All received equipment — domestic development," — said Marina Kostyuchenkova.

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