Russian boxer Baisangurov successfully defended his world title

  • Zaurbek Baisangurov, the current world champion of the WBO
  • Zaurbek Baisangurov, the current world champion of the WBO

Russian boxer first middle weight champion of the world by the World Boxing Organization (WBO) Zaurbek Baisangurov successfully conducted a mandatory title defense, beating up 12 rounds of Czech challenger Lukas Konecny.

Russians on Saturday in the capital of Ukraine defeated the final unanimous decision — 119-109, 117-111, 118-110.

First Round title fight began with virtually no exploration and walked about an equal fight. Opponents tried not to give your opponent center of the ring and had a stake in single strokes, feeling vulnerable in the protection of each other. But the ending is still left for the Russian, who has spent a number of acute attacks and drums.

In subsequent periods, the intensity of the fighting has increased markedly — the rate has not changed, but the reciprocal of powerful blows became much more. Opponents of the continuing close to each other on the ropes, but from time to time exploded, punching protection — with varying degrees of success, but most still doing well Baisangurov. At the end of the fourth segment of the battle began in earnest, "cutting", interrupted only by a gong.

The fifth period has passed, perhaps with a small margin End, which was somewhat more accurate. At the beginning of the sixth round of Russian due to the activity, and a number of powerful blows — both right and left, compensated admitted spaces, and in the seventh extended the lead.

But the situation in the ring was still very tense. Opponents noticeably tired and increasingly began to miss the hard knocks — the double-edged attack significantly increased the degree of the battle that took place in the exciting for the spectators, but severe and unpredictable opponents to fight.

In the tenth and eleventh rounds end made another attempt to sway the tide of battle in their favor. Several attacks Czechs were successful, but Baisangurov tried to neutralize the attacks of rivals and timely counter-attack — sometimes very unsuccessfully.

In the final segment of the battle all the Czechs face was covered in blood from cuts received, but final stubbornly continued to go forward. However, all his hopes for the championship title were dashed confident actions of the Russian athlete who has brought the fight to win with a compelling advantage.

The victory was for the Russian 28th in professional boxing (20 — KO) with one defeat. The assets of the End 48 games won (23 — ahead of schedule) with four failures.

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