Russian brands, generally considered to be foreign

In anticipation of summer begin to acquire all the clothes and shoes for the new season. And while many prefer foreign brands. The same goes for appliances, food and other things. Not surprisingly, since imports have been associated with good quality. This is well understood by Russian companies. Some of them are trying to create the impression among customers that they purchase things known western brands. We present some of the most popular domestic brands, which are widely considered foreign.

Carlo Pazolini many consider the Italian brand of shoes. And the website of the company is in the blast zone com (and not ru). However, the company is based in Russia. Its stores are located primarily in the former Soviet Union, as well as shoes made in Italy, and in Russia and China.

Greenfield is associated with customers with an English tea. In English, and most of the inscriptions on the packaging. But even there it is said that tea is produced in Russia under Russian control of the same.

The company was founded in Russia, but the name, logo and rather modest, nekrichaschaya clothes sold in O’STIN, may suggest the UK. However, outside of the CIS, this brand is not present — brand stores are only in Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan.

OGGI initially did not hide his Russian origins, but elected a foreign name (in Italian oggi means "today"). Recently, she was forced to change its name in connection with access to the European markets — the name OGGI in many countries, it was impossible to register. The new name — oodji.

Marc household Frau Schmidt is easiest to take over the German — an association with German precision. But in fact, the brand Russian and foreign name was chosen only for a successful promotion in the market. But this production, as stated on the packaging, produced in Western Europe — Denmark, France, Austria, etc.

Bork has promoted himself as the German mark. So far in 2009, the Federal Antimonopoly Service has determined that the company is misleading consumers. Even a study was conducted polls and found that 87 percent of respondents believe that Bork made in Germany. Although actually mainly in China and Korea. On the official website of the company is now expressly states that the trade mark Bork registered for use on the territory of Russia, CIS and Eastern Europe.

BAON originally a Swedish brand, which is still in the early 90’s "moved" in Russia. The name change is not steel, as the credibility of Western products then was especially great. Now wear BAON constructed in Russia, and is sewn in addition to Russia, China, Vietnam, etc.

Ralf Ringer shoes is often mistaken for a European, especially German. This is what the creators of the brand sought — associations with German quality. But produce shoes in Russia, as stated on the website.

The overall impression is that the brand of Chester — a truly British. But in the UK, these shoes are not for sale. The company’s office in Moscow, and branded stores — in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia.

The owners of the company Faberlic not hide her Russian residence, although the name sounds French. When he was elected, found that Russians are good domestic cosmetics, but they are nicer to foreign words.

Tervolina before supplying shoes from Hungary, Italy and the Czech Republic, but is now producing its own products — in Togliatti. It’s easy to find out by visiting the website of the company. However, the name associated with Italy.

Marc Erich Krause belongs to the Russian company. The brand name is chosen in view of the fact that the most reliable and high-quality German consumers believe stationery.

Jeans Westland many consider the most that neither is the original American, and the company is trying to convince — the site says that the brand began its history in the 30’s in America. But there is a Russian brand Westland, clothing which is sold on the territory of our country, and sewn in China.

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