Russian brands that pretend to be foreign

Bork Electronic, Vinzer Corporation and Vitesse France mislead consumers, indicating that manufacture their products in Europe.

President of "Golder Electronics" and the brand owner Vitek Andrew Derevyanchenko at the start of his career, combined with the work of trade in machinery guard. Five years ago, he registered the trademark in Austria Vitek

Together with Derevyanchenko started and Eugene Nazarov, founder of the less well known brands of home appliances Vigor, it is registered in Hungary.

Trademark Scarlett (Owned by Arima Holding Corp., The joint brainchild of the Chinese and the Russians), the manufacturer of the most purchased in Russia Dummies, registered in England in 1996

Rolsen — The name coined in 1995 by a graduate MIPT Sergey Belousov — used for TVs, home theater systems, monitors, mobile phones and washing machines. Company began with assembly of TVs LG, and now also produces its own factory Friazino

trademark Kaiser , operating in the market as the German company since the mid 90’s and was invented by the founding father of Pavel Loginov. The brand has successfully saturates the market of large kitchen appliances. Mr. Loginov it does in the same factory in Poland, which also produces products under the brand Hansa.

Stamps Techno , Trony and Elenberg never too Western. They are owned by large retail chains "Technosila", "World" and "El Dorado", respectively.

Bork , promoting itself as a German technology, are almost all stores, it is a brand network "Electroflot."


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