Russian breeders have created a special sort of potatoes

Bright purple as amethyst, potatoes grace any table

Scientists Ural Research institutesthat agriculture Elizabeth Klyukina and Elena Shanina by crossing brought a new variety of potato "Chudesnik", with an unusual purple — amethyst color.

Breeders have used the method of crossing the common potato, with its wild relatives, work was carried out over six years. Scientists have deduced more than 20 varieties of potatoes, but only "Chudesnik" was largely resistant to disease and cold harsh climate of Russia. In the vegetable increased levels of antioxidants, a third more vitamin C, but the starch content significantly decreased, it retains its unusual bright color even after cooking, according to Green Russia.


"It does not taste like a regular potato, it is much softer and has a sweet taste, which is endowed with its congener. This grade is not the result of genetic engineering, and the most common hybrid potatoes obtained by the method of selection, "- said of her brainchild head of the department of breeding Elena Shanina.

While the harvest is only in experimental fields, crop varieties still low, due to which the price twice that of an ordinary potato. On the shelves of grade will be in two years, scientists say. Breeders have signed an agreement for the development of accelerated growth of this species on an industrial scale with agrofirm Tyumen.

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