Russian bulldozers CHETRA will work in India

The Indian market is one of the key for Concern "Tractor plants". Successful design solutions and efficient service allowing a brand "CHETRA" to take its rightful place among the leaders of the industry — manufacturers of heavy equipment, they are highly sought after by the right in this country. In previous years, the bulk of supplies to India accounted for pipelaying CHETRA different classes.


For the first time a large consignment of bulldozers CHETRA T25, with the active assistance of a specialized trading company of JSC Concern "CHETRA-Industrial machinery" went to the coal mines of the state company «Coal India».

Won one of the machine-building enterprises of the "Tractor plants" of "Promtractor" tender was the largest in the history of relations between Russian manufacturers of tractors and Indian state-owned companies. Coal mining company «Coal India» has an extensive network of branches across the country. And therefore in need of updating annual fleet. Technique Russian manufacturer is well known in India since the Soviet times. Machines with the logo of the plant is operating successfully on the piping.

«Coal India» most carefully studied the history of supplies and technical parameters of Russian products "CHETRA" of the tender in the tender. Three years on from the first presentation in front of the leading technical experts, the largest state-owned coal company before «Coal India» opted for the technique of "CHETRA." After the first bulldozers CHETRA T25 went to India in the near future to the destination of Russia will leave the next batch of machines. Will work on a cycle of adaptation of technology and organization of maintenance.

Machine-building holding "Concern" Tractor plants "is aimed at increasing the volume and range of products supplied to various sectors of the Indian industry. For the Russian giant tractor was important to gain a foothold in the sector of coal mining. This, in turn, will lead to the expansion of the model range equipment "CHETRA" in India due to new development. Therefore, the Russian machine-building group is not going to stop there and is going to win and the next tender "Coal India".

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