Russian bus master Brazilian market


TD "Kama" sent to Brazil 5000 truck tires. This is the first game after TD "Kama" was certified Inmetro — Brazil's largest national institute of industrial metrology, standardization and quality.
Another Russian producer of "Sibur — Russian Tyres" this year will sell 60,000 truck tires in the fast growing Brazilian market, where they were introduced protective tariffs for Chinese tires.

In 2010 TD "Kama" sold for export of 2 million pieces of tires for a total of 4 billion rubles. (Exports account for about 30% of the total sales of the Firm). Revenue TD "Kama" in 2010 was 26 billion rubles. Products are delivered for a complete car car assembly plants «Volkswagen», «Skoda», «General Motors», «Renault», PCA («Peugeot", "Citroen"), etc. The main share of exports go to the CIS countries, from South America, Uruguay became the first country.
A holding "Sibur — Russian Tyres" (SRT) is already operating in the Brazilian market since 2010, delivering there the SSC tires under the brand TyRex, reported the press service of the holding. At the moment of delivery SRT in Brazil is 60,000 tires per year. With the launch in 2012 of a new plant SSC tires in Yaroslavl (project CMK-650) shipments could grow to 200,000 units.
"SIBUR — Russian Tyres" — the largest tire manufacturer in Central and Eastern Europe. In 2009, the company is among the 20 largest tire companies in the world, ranked 5th in the list of the largest tire companies in Europe. "SIBUR — Russian Tyres" is part of the largest petrochemical holding company "Sibur Holding". The structure of JSC "SIBUR-Russian Tyres" includes 4 tire plant in Russia.

Brazilian market, according Biktimerova until being studied, but this country is considered "as a long term partner with significant opportunities." In order to operate in the Brazilian market in March, TD "Kama" system has been certified by Inmetro, which gives him the right to sell it both freight and passenger tire production Tatarstan. Cooperation Initiative came from the Brazilian partners, said Biktimerov: in Brazil were introduced prohibitive import duties on Chinese tires, respectively, liberated the whole niche. Negotiations with the Brazilians on further deliveries would continue in October, when TD "Kama" will get a response about the quality of products and its competitiveness, says Biktimerov. At the same time, he said, will form the delivery plan for 2012

The head of the Comexport in Russia Alexander Umansky told "Vedomosti" that cooperation is not limited to a single delivery: "Brazil is one of the largest markets for imports of tires. If Russia, for example, seriously developed rail transportation, in Brazil they are developed enough. They are very popular with road haulage. " Tires Tatarstan production, he said, will be supplied to the secondary market of Brazil.

"The market of Brazil — a key in South America — said the press service of the SRT. — Output to give him the opportunity to gain a foothold in the fast growing market of one of the BRIC countries, as well as a fashion component. " Capacity of the Brazilian market for new all-steel truck tires, SRT is estimated more than 4 million pieces annually.

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