Russian Cardiology won the prestigious European competition

«Primus inter pares»

Annual Congress of the European Society of Cardiology — the world’s largest congress, which is held since 1952. This year’s congress was held in Amsterdam (the Netherlands). It was attended by more than 30,000 cardiologists and physicians related disciplines from 121 countries of the world.


The team of Cardiology Clinical Diagnostic Department of Scientific Center for Cardiovascular Surgery. AN Bakuleva RAMS won the competition «Primus inter pares» («The first among equals"), which is part of the Congress of the European Society of Cardiology.

«Primus inter pares» — one of the most prestigious and important awards, which can get specialists from renowned cardiology centers in Europe.

In the finals three teams compete for the grand prize and the right to receive the title of «Primus inter pares» 1 year. To win, participants must answer questions, to analyze clinical examples, complex and controversial cases in all areas of cardiology.

"For us, it’s a joy and pride for the Russian cardiology, for our clinical-diagnostic department for Bakulevskogo center. This sense of gratitude to the teachers who have given us the opportunity to feel the real experts, although the doctor learns his profession for life, and such contests — this is one of the stages of our ongoing continuous learning. Many thanks to my colleagues who have passed this test with tremendous stress, responsibility and won, "- said the captain of the Russian team Matskeplishvili Simon, professor, senior researcher at the clinical-diagnostic department of the Scientific Center for Cardiovascular Surgery. AN Bakuleva RAMS.

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