Russian cartridges popular in the U.S. market

Several U.S. private companies, chile Intrac Arms International LLC and Wolf Perfomance Ammunition, allegedly signed with Russian munitions plant procurement contracts in Russia 900 million rounds of ammunition of different calibers.

"It’s about five private companies that, according to some, have signed contracts with Russian factories with the permission of the Pentagon. Among them Intrac Arms International LLC and Wolf Perfomance Ammunition. Subject of the contract are the various modifications of rounds of 7.62 of 1943 with a lead bullet and 9.19 caliber pistol. the West, is the most common Chuck "- said the" Izvestia ".

At the Ulyanovsk cartridge factory newspaper confirmed that began shipping in the U.S. ammo caliber 7h62. "Right now, we only work with private firms. That is neither the U.S. Army nor in other countries through the government of the country of delivery, do not go — we have the relevant documentation, certified by the Pentagon, confirming that the purchases are conducted in the U.S. market. Based on these documents, our regulators have allowed us to export. Shipments — a few tens of millions of pieces, "- said the representative of the plant.

According to the chief editor of the trade magazine "Arsenal of the Fatherland" Victor Murakhovski, most of the ordered cartridges in Russia is needed for private gun owners in the United States, including the Soviet "Kalashnikov" AK-47. He recalled that the Americans are privately owned more than 250 million firearms, including more than 80 million guns, rifles and machine guns, and shoot every year several billion rounds of ammunition.

Now the production of cartridges in Russia are engaged in six plants.

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