Russian chess players won the Olympics in Istanbul

 In the final round of the 11th Chess Olympiad, held in Turkey, the Russian women’s team defeated the team of Kazakhstan 4-0 and won the Olympics. Russians have scored the same number of points with a team in China, but there were rivals for additional indicators.

World Chess Olympiad. Istanbul (Turkey)
Women. Round 11

Russia — Kazakhstan — 4:0.

Tatiana Kosintzeva — Guliskhan Nahbaeva — 1:0.
Valentine Gunina — Gulmira Dauletova — 1:0.
Hope Kosintzeva — Dinara Saduakassova — 1:0.
Alexandra Kosteniuk — Madina Davletbaeva — 1:0.

Final classification

1. Russia.
2. China.
3. Ukraine.

The men’s team took second place.

In the final round of the 11th Chess Olympiad in Istanbul, Turkey Russian men’s team won the team of Germany 3-1. At the end of the Olympics, Russians took second place, won by the Armenian national team, and third place went to the team of Ukraine.

World Chess Olympiad. Istanbul (Turkey)
Men. Round 11

Russia — Germany — 3:1.

Vladimir Kramnik — Arkady Naiditsch — 1:0.
Alexander Grischuk — Igor Henkin — 0.5:0.5.
Sergey Karjakin — Daniel Friedman — 1:0.
Dmitry Yakovenko — Jan Gustafsson — 0:5,0:5.

Final classification

1. Armenia.
2. Russia.
3. Ukraine. 

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