Russian computer tomography showed a high clinical efficacy


As part of the exhibition "Health 2010", held in Moscow, CEOs GE Healthcare, ZAO "Medical Technology Co., Ltd." (CJSC "MTL") and GC "Russian Technologies" presented assembled on GE technology 5th Russian serial computed tomography (CT). This is the first step that opens the possibility for further exploration and production in Russia vysotehnologichnogo whole range of medical equipment.

An innovative breakthrough in the Russian market of high-tech medical equipment took the strategic partnership of GE Healthcare and ZAO "MTL", which was announced on 26 November 2009. This date marked the beginning the start of production of CT scanners in Russia. At the initial stage of the project serial production of 16-slice CT scanners BRIGHTSPEED (is a trademark of General Electric Company). This innovative product at a speed equivalent to 50 study-slice CT scanners, allowing a 2-fold increase capacity department at the hospital. This is the first step that opens the possibility for further exploration and production in Russia vysotehnologichnogo whole range of medical equipment.

Collected in Russia scanners are fully accompanied by a Russian interface and system maintenance for 24 months.

The production site of JSC "MTL" is located in Moscow. The production company is certified according to international standards ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485:2003, it implemented a quality control system, corresponding to the world standards of GE. Production capacity — up to 150 CT scanners per year.

After obtaining all necessary permits first collected in Russia 16-slice scanner was installed in the hospital № 67 in Moscow and in May 2010 began accepting patients.

Head of the X-ray department of Clinical Hospital № 67 of the Department of Health in Moscow Puris Ruslan V. said: "We are very pleased with the fact that the first assembled in Russia 16-slice CT scanner was installed in our hospital. The device operates from May 2010, it held more than 2,000 different types of studies. His use of the clock puts the diagnostic and treatment process in our clinic to a new level and increases the possibility of high-tech medical care for the population of Moscow. "

Russian computer tomography showed a high clinical efficacy in the diagnosis of a wide range of pathological conditions of the patient. The device is made on the prescribed studies of the brain in 1457, 76 — the spine, 193 — Chest, 390 — the abdomen, 70 — ENT and many other studies. With an average useful life of 7 years imager, for all his time at number 67 GKB diagnosis can walk about 17,000 patients.

Presented at the "Health 2010" CT scanner — the 5th of collected in Russia JSC "MTL" jointly with GE Healthcare. In addition to the already exploited in GKB number 67 Russian tomograph now being installed the same series scanner in Bratsk, and three more in the near future tomograph establish clinics in the Amur region.

According to president and CEO of GE Healthcare in Russia and the CIS Vyacheslav Gryshchenko: "The aim of GE Healthcare is helping Russian doctors to provide the best quality of care at a lower cost and to a wider population of Russia. When deciding on the localization of production in November 2009, our choice fell on the 16-slice CT, because this model is fully consistent with clinical requirements of federal programs, and its production in Russia will provide modern and yet affordable technologies of Russian medical institutions. "

Russian co-production of CT scanners meets the objectives of the modernization of the economy and the development of domestic high-tech medicine, which are indicated in the policy statements of the President and the Government of the Russian Federation. An estimated GE Healthcare, in Russia for 1 million population accounts for about 5 CT. Total demand for CT scanners in Russia today is more than 3,000 units.

"The produced at the production site of MTL in Moscow scanner becomes our flagship product", — said Anatoly Dabagov, president of "Medical Technology Co., Ltd.". "Already at the start of production, the amount of processing operations performed in the assembly CT in Russia is about 30% of the volume of transactions in the production of GE. Together with GE Healthcare plan to expand the range of manufactured equipment and deepening localization of components in Russia. In future organization of joint development of equipment for the Russian and CIS market. "

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