Russian control of fuel consumption gains popularity in Europe

Company VEPAMON, Omnicomm representative in Europe and the United States, successfully demonstrated the fuel level sensor LLS InfrastructureTelematics on display in Turin.

Produced Omnicomm precision fuel level sensor LLS, designed to measure the level of fuel in the fuel tanks of a vehicle or other containers. LLS sensors are used in the fuel control systems, and systems for satellite vehicle tracking (GPS / GLONASS) of the different manufacturers.


According to the Deputy Director General of Omnicomm Stanislav Emelyanov, LLS sensors are available on the Italian market since 2010 and has already proven itself as a reliable and high-quality equipment. "Our sensors are very popular with Italian operators of transport telematics and road haulage as well as the problem of fuel theft in recent times is relevant not only for Russia", — Said Emelyanov "And in the course of the exhibition, negotiations were held with a number of large customers, including truck manufacturer IVECO, international telematics operator MasterNaut and a number of companies from Romania, Croatia and other countries.? There was also agreement on the inclusion of the sensor LLS systems monitor, mounted on tank trucks Croatian national oil company INA ».


Omnicomm — Russian innovative company that specializes in developing solutions for commercial vehicles. The company is a leader in the design and manufacture of control systems for fuel consumption of commercial vehicles in Russia and the CIS.

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