Russian cosmonauts have completed work on the outside of the ISS

Cosmonauts Fyodor Yurchikhin and Alexander Misurkin completed the work in the open space on the Russian program, successfully completing all tasks of this release, and returned safely on board the Russian segment of the International Space Station (ISS), told RIA Novosti the Moscow Mission Control Center (MCC).

  • Alexander Misurkin during spacewalk
  • Alexander Misurkin during spacewalk

Before you go inside the station, the astronauts deployed in outer space the Russian flag. 

During his time at the ISS Jurchihin Misurkin dismantled and scientific equipment "BTLS" (on-board laser communication terminal) space experiment SLS (laser communication system) delivered with universal workplace on the fourth plane of the working compartment of the service module "Zvezda". The experiment is designed for testing the SLS laser communication system for the transmission of large amounts of information on the target hardware ISS RS.

In addition, the astronauts have installed remote workstation with installed biaxial platform aiming to deliver the universal workplace working compartment of the service module "Zvezda". Jurchihin and Misurkin also dismantled the site "Anchor" with the transfer compartment "Stars" and install it Tanker workplace.

In the experiment, the "Test" astronauts took samples, swabs from the surface of the exit hatch module MIM-2 "Search." Experiment "test" aims to study the possibility of microdestruction camera housing of the Russian segment of the ISS under the influence of the deposition of aggressive products.

The astronauts also inspected the exterior antenna on the inter-side stowing radio module "Zvezda" of the announcement by NASA of the passage of "unidentified flying object" (UFO), who subsequently proved a cover of one of the antennas. The morning of August 19, NASA Astronaut Christopher Cassidy saw an unidentified object flying near the docked to the ISS cargo ship "Progress". He filmed it on video and then reported it to the MCC-Houston.

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