Russian cut a path to the Baltic Sea 300th tanker for the season

Nuclear-powered icebreaker "Russia" Rosatomflota carried wiring 300 or large tankers in the Baltic Sea for 65 days of continuous operation, said, "FederalPress" the press service of the Rosatomflota.

Ice conditions in the Gulf remains stable severe. According to the captain, "Russia" Oleg Shchapina, the reason for that was cold, which are held throughout March. As a result, ice in the fast ice reaches a thickness of 70-100 centimeters.

Recall icebreaker "Russia" from January 16, is contracted by the "Rosmorport" providing large tankers through ice in the ports of the Gulf of Finland. The Treaty was signed by 90 days of operation, tentatively on April 16. However, the duration of the work will depend on the actual ice conditions.  Other nuclear-powered "Atomflot" also occupied the traditional winter-spring navigation work. Thus, the nuclear-powered icebreaker "Yamal" in the White Sea provides a safe wiring tanker with a cargo of "Novatek" to the port Vitino. Icebreaker «Vaygach" continues to work under a contract with OAO "Norilsk Nickel", updating the ice channel in the Yenisei River. There this winter and there was a heavy ice conditions. Nuclear-powered icebreaker "Taimyr", who left the home port of Murmansk on March 19, has successfully held the ship "Yuri Arshenevsky" of "Murmansk Shipping Company" loaded with construction materials at the port of Sabetta and delivered products in Dixon. Now icebreaker waiting approach the ship "Captain Veshnjakov" for posting it to the port of Sabetta.

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