Russian Defense Ministry and the plant KamAZ conducting an experiment

For the first time, a joint project of the Ministry of Defence and by the "KamAZ" training center "KamAZ" Naberezhnye Chelny up a pilot training for more than 30 officers — commanders automotive services units and formations of the Southern Military District (SOUTH). The training officers — motorists will increase the theoretical knowledge of the features of design and operation of vehicles "KamAZ" family "Mustang", will be held on the unique hands-on training simulators, which create different virtual reality and the various driving conditions, the press service of the Southern Military District.

On the basis of mechanized infantry brigade in Volgograd under the guidance of experienced teachers and trainers training center, the first group of 25 soldiers — the drivers started training competent operation of military vehicles. The training program will allow the military to maintain in good repair military vehicles "KamAZ" competently oversee the servicing of vehicles by third parties. As a result of intensive re SOUTH new weapons and military equipment, a car park with 80% composed of upgraded vehicles "KamAZ".

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