Russian Defense Ministry has received the last serial Tu-154

SAMARA, February 19 — RIA Novosti, Elena Bubnov.

Samara Aviation Plant "Aviacor" on Tuesday handed over to representatives of the Ministry of Defense of Russia TU-154, which became the latest in a series of mass production of the domestic jet airliner, told reporters on Tuesday, General Director of JSC "Aviacor Aircraft Plant" Alexei Gusev.

Mass production TU-154 began at the plant in Kuibyshev (now Samara) in the late 60’s of the last century. According to the company, in February this year turned 41 since the first regular flight of the Tu-154 with passengers. These aircraft operated by airlines of Czechoslovakia, Bulgaria, Syria, Korea, China, Poland, Iran, Afghanistan, Hanna, Yemen, Nicaragua, Romania.

"Y" Aviacor "a very important event, we rent another serial new Tu-154 to our main customer — the Ministry of Defense. Chances are that at this scale production of Tu-154 will be completed. This does not mean that we will not continue its after-sales service. Today in operation, including aircraft, are abroad, about 100 units, "- said Gusev.

According to him, the plant "Aviacor" remains the only center of competence Tu-154, so service aircraft of this type will be made in Samara.

"We now have a new phase in the relationship with the Ministry of Defense — this is our new project, our new hope, AN-140. Today was flying over the next An-140 for the Defense Ministry. Flight was successful, the program we are continuing. According to our program, we in this year must pass at least five An-140. I want to say that this is quite a serious statement, "- said the CEO.

To fully implement their commitments to the customer will help the company freed up capacity after completion of serial production of the Tu-154, I’m sure Gusev.

Told reporters, Defense Ministry spokesman Col. Alexander Parakou, the new Tu-154 will fly to the place of their permanent deployment on Wednesday.

"Tu-154, which we are adopting today, he performed a familiarization flight, the result is positive. Tomorrow he will fly to the aerodrome permanent base for further use in the Air Force. This type of aircraft within our military unit at the airport," Chkalov "(Moscow Region ) operated since 1972, this type of aircraft has shown himself worthy of exploitation for decades, "- said the colonel.

With all the reliability of the Tu-154, even the designers say that the main drawback of this liner is a great fuel economy.

"After all, fuel-efficient engines on these aircraft leaves much to be desired, and the other characteristics it is valuable, it is accepted in Europe and America", — told reporters the chief designer of the Tu-134 and Tu-154 Andrei Grishin.

Series production was released more than 930 aircraft of various modifications. In July last year in Novosibirsk was the first in Russia monument to the Tu-154.

Photo by Anatoly Burceva site

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