Russian designers have created a miniature robot tank

The designers of the Omsk branch of the All-Russian scientific center ground forces have developed a remote-controlled robotic rifle range, a miniature tank on display at arms "VTTV-Omsk-2011", said on Sunday the government press service of the Omsk region.

"The complex is a miniature tank, 90 cm long and 40 cm wide. Module weight -110 kg. Just like a real tank, it is equipped with fighting protection, thermal imager to detect enemy personnel. Machine gun mounted on a tower or a grenade launcher. The camcorder translates picture of the battlefield to the control panel. Miniature tank with a remote control command post two people — the driver and gunner. The maximum distance the autonomous operation of the module from the command post is one kilometer ", — reported the press service, reports" Interfax ".
It is noted that the miniature tank can swim, has the ability to return to its original position after turning, is capable of "jumping", overcoming obstacles to half a meter.

According to the developers, the module can be used RSK in local conflicts to destroy the terrorists and snipers to mine

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