Russian designers will develop a new chair and a space suit for astronauts

SPE "Star" designs for the new Russian spacecraft chair that does not involve individual cradle, as well as a reusable space suit, said CEO — Chief Designer Sergei Pozdnyakov enterprise.

"We were tasked to make a chair, for which the individual does not need a cradle. In mechanics chair, in its design, so should be an easy system of shock absorbers. We are developing such a system, while on paper, as part of the technical design does not have to make prototypes. In the next stage of work will make a chair, as they say, in the metal, "- he said,

The requirement to phase out individual lodgements due to complexity of their creation, as well as difficult to practice transfer lodgement from ship to ship, if the astronaut arrives at International Space Station on one, and flies off on another "Union," said Pozdnjakov.

As for the flight suit for the new ship, before SPE "Star" tasked to make it reusable, the general director of the company.

"This can be achieved, again replacing the rubber elements suit polyurethane films. In addition, there is an idea to pick up the suit for the flight of a set of ready-made astronaut space suits — create about five sizes of various elements of the suit, and they make the flight suit for any astronaut ", — he said.


According Pozdnyakov, a prototype flight suit for the new ship could be ready in a year.


Pozdnjakov also said that the NPP "Star" ready in a short time to develop a spacesuit for astronauts on the moon’s surface, but the creation of a Martian space suit too early to say.


"If we talk about a manned mission to the moon, in principle, we are ready to create a space suit for astronauts on the surface. In this direction, not our problems to be solved there, more or less clear, "- he said.


According Pozdnyakov, the basis of the lunar space suit can be taken a new suit for astronauts in outer space "Orlan ISS." "Improvements will require only a shell toe: it is necessary to make a normal trouser legs and shoes comfortable for walking. We have experience in this area are available. I think that in a relatively short period, we could do a moon suit ", — he said.


Speaking about the possible appearance of a Martian space suit, Pozdnyakov explained that for decades before the possible flight is difficult to talk about the future shape of the suit, but probably the life support system of astronauts should be based on liquid oxygen.


"A few years ago, we made a prototype of such a system. It turned out quite compact. But, again, in time to the organization of a manned flight to Mars could happen leap breakthrough in materials science, so to speak on what suits can and will be used on Mars, I would not, "- said the head of the company.

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