Russian developer became the market leader, destroying American rival

Ulyanovsk development team shop for social networks Ecwid ousted from U.S. rival Facebook Payvment. Under an agreement between the two companies will give Payvment Ecwid its user base, and then Ecwid become the absolute leader among designers shops Facebook.

Domestic developer widget — designer shops for the web in general and social networks in particular Ecwid announced an agreement with its main competitor — American Payvment, according to which the competitor leaves the market, passing Ecwid entire user base.

Thus Ecwid will nearly double its own database of subscribers to Facebook, adding to the 210 million users to own 200 thousand former members Payvment, and become the absolute leader in e-commerce applications to Facebook.

Payvment servers will be shut down February 28, 2013, and until that time, his former subscribers to keep their stores in Facebook, will have to migrate to the platform of the former main competitor.

Head Ecwid Ruslan Fazlyev said that for obtaining user base Payvment his company had paid the money, but did not inform about the amount involved.

The site itself Payvment posted a message stating that "the Payvment team joins the new company," however, the publication The Next Web and AllThingsD citing Payvment CEO Jim Stoneham (Jim Stoneham) write that it is not a development team will join in Ecwid. This was confirmed by Ruslan Fazlyev.


  • Chapter Ecwid Ruslan Fazlyev
  • Chapter Ecwid Ruslan Fazlyev

According to Ruslan Fazlyeva, an initiative of the transaction came from Payvment, and became a surprise for Ecwid: "In December 2012 we overtook them, and I began to plan the announcement that the leader was replaced on Facebook. Decided not to release the New Year holidays. Then protracted Russian New Year holidays — and that’s kind of already going to do EZLN, as on January 11, suddenly got in touch with us and CEO Payvment began negotiations on commercial terms and conditions of purchase of their customer base. " He knows that Payvment was negotiating with other companies.

Widget for e-commerce Ecwid developed with AJAX since 2009 Ulyanovsk team of 23 employees. This designer store builds into an existing site or social network page showcase products and integrates with the service and delivery charges.

Its principal features are easy to install and does not require skills development, and multi-platform: in addition to Facebook, he is able to integrate with "Vkontakte», Myspace, «My World", with all the social networks that support the Open Social API and popular web engines Joomla, Drupal, WordPress, etc. However, the number of Facebook users Ecwid is not too large and is about 39 thousand

Most of the customers Ecwid (33%) are in the U.S., 14% for Russia, 7% in the UK.

Monetization of the service is by subscription, which make the stores. Accommodation in the widget cards 20 thousand items costing $ 17 a month for that installation and updates are made Ecwid free.

Financial performance of Ruslan Fazlyeva not disclose, however, he said that the project revenue growth last year was 185%.

According to him, the yield on the operating profitability of the company first implemented in 2011, and this has to repeat the success of "at high speeds." Ecwid’s shareholders are not disclosed, but it is known that at the end of 2011 the domestic fund Runa Capital has acquired a minority stake developer for $ 1.5 million

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