Russian developers created an online picture frame with the voice control for iPad and iPhone

The idea of combining Voice Search images and view them embodied in a mobile application «Voice Image Picker» of Russian software developers device from Apple. An application for iPad iPhone and allows the owner to view the images in superb quality on a given topic.

Simply say the phrase, and the application will arrange for you a nice view images of the popular web resources. Never before searching and browsing was not so simple and interactive!

For children it is exciting live chat with your iPhone or iPad with a display of found images. Talk with your application, study your favorite cartoon characters, explore the world!

For adults, this combination nice view with a parallel with other tasks at work or at home. Print is not required! The application waits only voice commands from you!

For people with disabilities is the ability to view photos and images from all over the world without physical contact with your iPhone or iPad. It suffices that it has heard you!

Keep favorite images, submit their friends via e-mail, share in social networks, as well as be aware of what is happening on Twitter on a given topic.

Use a voice command "mail", "save" or "pause" for the appropriate action.

Enjoy watching on the big screen via TV-out.

Key features:

• Speech recognition and search queries;
• Display on a particular subject infinite number of times;
• Twitter-feed on a particular subject;
• Control of the application with voice commands — pause, save the image, send by e-mail;
• Ability to save images to your device or send to your friends via e-mail;
• The use of animation effects for independent adjustment of changing images in playback mode;
• Ability to connect to an external screen to create an atmosphere in a room on a given topic.

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