Russian developers have conducted a test 3D-broadcasting over the air TV channel

MNITI, Elecard and Triaxes Vision presented the latest 3DTV solution, allowing for the simultaneous broadcasting in 3D and 2D formats.

RUSSIA — MOSCOW, May 10-13, 2011 — At the 23 th international exhibition "CSTB-2011" at the joint stand of FSUE RTRS FSUE-RTR-JSC "MNITI", Moscow Research Institute — head scientific organization of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation in digital television, the company Elecard, — the world’s leading developer of high-tech digital video compression, together with Triaxes Vision, — advanced technology developer stereoscopic visualization of multimedia data during the exhibition "CSTB 2011" for the first time in the world have carried out an experimental 3D digital broadcasting. 3D demo program transmitted from the transmitter 34 TCE of the company "OCTODE" with its tower at the October field, taken with a digital set-top box 3D DVB-T and displayed on the glasses-free 3D TVs with a screen size of 52 inches Dimenco.


Development of interoperable system 2D/3D DVB-T broadcasting opens the possibility of organizing a three-dimensional television networks on-air digital broadcasting DVB-T without additional frequencies for the transmission of 3D content, as represented by the concept of implementing full backward compatibility with conventional 2D-digital format.

This concept was able to realize a unique technology for universal stereoscopic television (3D TV), using which the entire chain of "creation, transmission, reception and viewing 3D-image" is part of a single standard that is compatible with both conventional digital format and with 3D . Such a solution is a kind of unique because for the first time makes it easy to broadcast 3D-channels on three different types of TVs: conventional 2D, 3D with glasses, 3D without glasses, as well as to broadcast a wireless Wi-Fi network to other devices and media.


"In this exhibition, we have demonstrated a real opportunity today to make TV a truly volumetric"- Said the director of Triaxes Vision Alexey Polyakov.

Constantine Bystrushkin, deputy gene. MNITI Director for Science:
"I am very pleased that, together with colleagues from Tomsk, we have been able to carry out a real experiment on transfer in the Moscow air 2D/3D digital broadcast programs (many thanks LLC "OCTODE" for assistance). The success of this experiment clearly confirmed the correctness of our theoretical development and is an important step in creating innovative Russian development of 3D-compatible TV.

This versatile 3DTV solution is presented in the framework of the Federal Target Program "Development of broadcasting in the Russian Federation for 2009-2015". The concept fits perfectly into this project and is aimed at improving the quality and modernization of digital television provided by the user. This solution will streamline and simplify the process of television broadcasting by the versatility, economy of means and resources in the development and implementation of digital and 3D television and orientation of future advanced solutions in the field of 3D broadcasting. "


About Elecard

Elecard — one of the world leaders in the development of software for encoding, decoding, processing, transmission and reception of video and audio in various formats, the developer and supplier of one of the most advanced set-top boxes.

The company also offers basic technical as well as complete solutions for the professional market of digital TV broadcasting, which includes streaming, transcoding and video-on-demand (VOD) servers. For more information, please visit the company’s

About Triaxes Vision

Triaxes — developer of technologies, hardware and software for stereoscopic visualization and motion images. The company is known in the world of software products StereoTracer ™ and 3DMasterKit ™ to create and print 3D photos. New products allow the company to provide training and broadcast in real-time 3D video for viewing on 3D displays that do not require glasses. Triaxes performs the supply of equipment and installation of systems autostereoscopic 3D display without glasses for video conferencing, display advertising, training, and other video content. Company sites,

On the Moscow Scientific Research Institute of the television

Moscow Research Institute of the television set up in 1950 to address one of the major public issues — development of national television to the world standards. In 1992, in accordance with the state program of privatization on the basis of MNITI was formed closed joint stock company — JSC "MNITI." CJSC "MNITI" since the founding to the present day is the parent organization of Russia (USSR) in the field of television equipment reception, responsible for the solution of the whole range of scientific and technical objectives of the organization of mass production of domestic televisions. C 2008 JSC "MNITI" — a leading scientific organization of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation in the field of digital television.

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