Russian doctors in the fight for Olympic gold

Professor S.Arhipov

Russian experts from the Federal Medical and Biological Agency was brought to London last achievements of regenerative medicine.

Olympic Games, arresting every two years the attention of even very distant from the sport spectators, this event is not only athletes, but also the many thousands of people who provide a "rear" athletes. Leading role in the preparation of athletes for competition in the most responsible of their life playing sports doctors.

At the XXX Summer Olympic Games to be held in London from 27 July to 12 August, the Russian are 436 athletes. All of them underwent a specialized examination and correction of functional status in a multi-disciplinary laboratory FGBU FMBC them. AI Burnazyan FMBA of Russia.

Chief Medical Officer Olympic team determined renowned trauma surgeon Sergei Arkhipov, Head of the Center of Sports Traumatology FNKTS FMBA of Russia.
As part of the preparatory activities specialists FMBA Russia introduced new biomedical technologies for the rehabilitation and endurance: the low-intensity magnetic-laser radiation (for better adaptation to stress), enhanced external counterpulsation (recovery of muscle tone, particularly in demand in the rhythmic gymnastics), shock-wave therapy with a thermal control microtrauma to treat musculo-ligamentous system (for use in the medical center of the Olympic Village), special hydrophobic barrier creams and concentrated drinks for athletes in swimming, peptide Bioregulators used by the method of Bioregulation and Gerontology Institute (St. Petersburg) for sports and art gymnastics.

Head of the organization of sports medicine FMBA of Russia Yulia Miroshnikov, commented on the Olympic team ready to fight for a medal, "Athlete’s Health — the notion of a special. The fact that the average person can be considered a deviation from the norm, the athlete may be the norm. According to the results of the inspection, we issue recommendations and tools to work with their individual ‘thin’ areas, deficiencies with regard to the requirements, which are in every sport. Our task — to work personally with each, because even in one sport no universal mechanisms that would suit everyone. "

When flying to the UK capital has been applied endorsed and approved by the Russian Ministry of Sports FMBA of Russia algorithm climatic belt adjustment.

At the Olympic Games FMBA Russia organizes three medical-rehabilitation center that will be staffed with high-quality and efficient equipment — in the Olympic Village, a complex of separate outside, and at the Center for rowing sports. In the medical team of the Centre in the Olympic Village on duty trauma surgeon with the basics of the ultrasound machines and complex shock-wave therapy with a thermal control, and a leading expert on Russia and physiotherapy taping as well as a physiotherapist and masseur. Only with the Russian Olympic team in London went 82 medical specialist.

How successful would be the joint work of our athletes and physicians at the Olympics remains to be seen. While we rejoice in the first "gold" judoka Arsen Galstyan in the judo competition at a weight of 60 kg and a bronze medal Olga Zabelin in group cycling road race.

Author: Julia Smirnova based on FMBA Russia

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