Russian ekstremal made the jump to record high

Russian extreme, BASE jumper and climber Valery Rozov made the jump from the highest mountain in the world, Mount Everest. The point of separation was at the height of 7720 meters above sea level, this is an absolute record for BASE jumping.

Preparing for the jump took more than two years. Group 48-year-old Rozov, which included professional climbers and a film crew spent three weeks in the Himalayas.

Flying in a special suit lasted one minute. The flight speed was 200 kilometers per hour. The athlete is not immediately able to take the desired trajectory, but he was able to safely get around all the obstacles. Rozov landed on the glacier, located on the six thousandth mark.

Even after returning home, Rozov admitted that the jump and the entire project were given to him hard, both physically and psychologically. However, according to the athlete that he was able to realize his long-cherished dream.

48-year-old Russian has already participated in several of these high-profile projects. He has jumped from the top of Ulvetanny in Antarctica, with Mont Blanc, with Shivling mountain in the Himalayas. Now he was subjected to the highest peak in the world. We also note that, in addition, on account of more than ten thousand Rozov jumps.

Rozov is honored master of sport of skydiving, the first jump he made in 1993. In 1999 and 2003 he won the world championship in parachuting, Rozov is a multiple champion Roscii.

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