Russian engines NK-33/AJ26 brought the U.S. missile

"Antares" to the planned orbit

Tonight, the first test flight of an American rocket middle class "Antares", designed to deliver cargo to the ISS. The missile is equipped with aenginesNK-33/AJ26 designed and manufactured at the Samara plant, "Kuznetsov", which is part of the "daughters" of the State Corporation Rostekhnadzor Joint propulsion Corporation (APC).

  • Russian engines NK-33/AJ26 brought American rocket "Antares" to the planned orbit
  • Russian engines NK-33/AJ26 brought American rocket "Antares" to the planned orbit

 In the night from 21 to 22 April 2013 at 01.00 Moscow time on the test flight program "Antares" went into orbit to within 600 seconds to bring the simulated payload to a height of 250×300 km with an inclination angle of 51.6 degrees. Launch took place from the Mid Regionalnyogo Spaceport (MARS) in Virginia (USA).

The first stage of the launch vehicle, within which was equipped with twoEngineNK-33/AJ26, as expected, separated at an altitude of 113 km, having worked 235 seconds.

NK-33/AJ26 — is a modified version of the legendary Russian NK-33 engine, developed over 40 years ago for the Soviet lunar program. The work on upgrading NK-33/AJ26 the mid 90s American corporation engaged Aerojet. Technical support to adapt the engine to the CR "Antares" in cooperation of foreign partners have specialists JDC.

"Today the Russian NK-33 in a modified version found its customers in the United States. In the short term, it will be installed on the Russian rocket and easy class. Of course, Soviet designers have formed a huge technological advance that allows and after four decades of use by power plants onmodernmissiles — the general director Vladislav UEC Masalov. — However, we strive not only to use existing engines, but also to recreate their production on a new technological level. Our design and engineering staff who are working on this topic, I am able to perform this task. "

The launch is significant for the U.S. space program. In summer 2011, the United States turned the program of development of reusable space shuttles, which were used for the delivery of cargo and astronauts to the ISS. According to the plans of NASA, the message from the international space station will be carried out by private corporations. One of the contractors’ plans to become Orbital Sciences, which has developed and booster of the middle class "Antares".

"The first launch of the carrier rocket" Antares "can be considered a milestone in building a strong international cooperation in space exploration. We are fully prepared for further fruitful work in the framework of the current project "Antares" and we hope that our steady partnership will continue in the new direction of the U.S. space program, "- said Vladislav Masalov.

In the near future to be held another start RN "Antares", now with actual payload. His date and time will be announced later.

JSC "Management Company" UnitedEngine-Corporation "— A subsidiary of "OPK" Oboronprom ". The structure of the ODC integrated more than 85% of the leading companies specializing in the design, mass production and servicing of gas turbine technology, and key enterprises — by acquisitions industry. One of the priorities of the APC is to implement comprehensive programs for the development of the industry with the introduction of new technologies that meet international standards.

JSC "OPK" Oboronprom "— MultidisciplinaryEngineeringgroup established in 2002. Included in the State Corporation Rostekhnadzor. The main activities — helicopter (holding "Helicopters of Russia"), engine (holding UEC) and others.

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