Russian equipment in the Italian

Vologda Scientific-Production Enterprise "Alexander-Plus" (A +) set of equipment manufactured by the Italian company commissioned Elmecc-WTS.

It was like this:

The company "Polymeric Materials" from Rostov-on-Don has ordered the Italian company «Elmecc-WTS» equipment for wire coating with nylon. This wire is then is used to make springs for notebooks, notepads, calendars, etc. The wire before coating should be thoroughly cleaned to improve the adhesion of the coating — that is, to cover better rested. For a long time in such cases, ultrasound is used to clean the equipment, especially as the global market offers a good setup for this purpose.

Italian producers considered several options, "ultrasound", including British and Russian origin. The choice in the end fell to the project proposed by A +, all the more so that the firm has extensive years of experience in manufacturing such systems.

The outcome of the "Alexander-Plus" has become a set of equipment consisting of two ultrasonic baths (for washing and rinsing) and a device for drying the wire after cleaning. Next, the wire enters the Italian plant for coating. The equipment is designed for the speed of the wire 300-400 meters per minute.

Recently colleagues from Italy and Rostov-on-Don came to Vologda for joint assembly and test run the resulting product line. The President «Elmecc-WTS» Nicola Kyarappa noted the excellent work of Vologda installations in-line and noticed that the same ultrasound equipment of British and Italian production is 3-4 times more space and therefore more difficult to install and use. In the future, he intends to recommend A + equipment to their colleagues and customers.

Note that this is not the first integration of ultrasound in the Italian production lines. In 2009, the company has made the installation of A + for the Moscow Pipe Plant "Philetus," which was built in the Italian production line «Olimpia-80." And at the end of last year of installation for belt cleaning and pipes have earned the Pervouralsk New Pipe Plant in the line «Marcegaglia Impianti» also made in Italy.

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