Russian experts presented the concept of the fifth-generation helicopter


Following the development of fifth-generation fighter, and the announcement of the start of work on a new generation of tanks, Russia introduced another new technology.

On the helicopter exhibition "Helirasha" Russian experts presented the concept of the fifth-generation helicopters. Says the chief designer of the Moscow Helicopter Plant. Mile Alex Samusenko.

"The fifth generation helicopter — is necessarily a kind of new technology and new applications. And while the details, I would not disclose because it is a kind of know-how, and the huge interest of all helicopter companies around the world. "

Yet some of the secrets head of the firm named Mile opened in an interview with "Voice of Russia".

"The first thing we are doing to combat helicopters is increasing their survivability. That is, we protect the crew, the helicopter protect against possible failure modes any kinds of weapons, both small and rocket. And, of course, increases the combat effectiveness. This new weapons. This weapon is an all-weather, this is what allows you to effectively fight the enemy and achieve the intended purpose, as at any time and in any weather. "

As for the civilian side of the helicopter the next generation, and in fact not all future cars will be put to the service in the army, the designers solve more complex problems. This increase rotorcraft flight hours. To do this, developing new materials in the first place is working with composite materials. In addition, a fifth-generation helicopter has to be lighter than their predecessors, to fly at a higher rate — about 500-600 kilometers per hour and make it virtually silent. Speaking about other features, the designers say stealth cars, that is their inability to detect the enemy radars. But again this is more related to military helicopters. In Russia, the development of the new helicopter engaged in two design bureaus — Mil and Kamov, said the executive director of the Kamov design bureau Andrei Shibitov.

"We are working on the stage of pre-studies in two KB — Mil and Kamov. Planned works great with TsAGI and other research centers aircraft. Conducted an analysis of new structural materials, and technologies. Wind started blowing two schemes — coaxial and classical. The first results. Plan early next year to focus on one of the two options. "

Selected will be only one option for future cars. According to preliminary estimates, the new helicopter will cost $ 1 billion. And his creation completed in five years. While the fifth generation of helicopters in the world no. In the U.S. only began developing similar machines. So in that sense, ahead of Russia and has excellent prospects.

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