Russian experts presented the instrument to detect suspicious persons

A fragment of the presentation of "Information Technology Security"


The Russian company "Integrated safety technology"Unveiled the device"Spartan 300, "Designed to identify in a crowd of people whose behavior deviates from the norm. This reports Rape.

The instrument was presented to the public at the exhibition "Interpolitex 2012" which is being held in Moscow. In the development of the system is already quite a long time — presentation, dedicated to the complex "Spartan-300" was published in August 2011. The description says that the system "consists of a hardware and software system for the identification of persons in respect of whom may require screening procedure." The principle of operation of the system is as follows: the surveillance image is displayed on which the system recognizes faces.

Thereafter, the face images are analyzed for the fact that their owners are in a "modified psycho-physiological state." According to the creators of the system, it is preceded by a state commission of any illegal activities. For the analysis using a trained neural network, which the creators of the "coached" on the basis of facial expressions Paul Ekman (for details on neural networks and the principles of their functioning "," already written).

The operator of the system sees the stream of people, in which a person of ordinary people are enclosed in the green box, and the faces of the people in an altered state — in the red. Creators are positioning their system as a versatile tool for controlling automatic passenger flows in transport.

Paul Ekman, whose data is used creators of "Spartan 300", is a professor at the University of California at San Francisco. It is known as the world’s largest specialist in the psychology of emotion. He is the author of the bestselling book "The Psychology of lies", and also worked as a consultant for the TV series "Lie to Me." It is noteworthy that Ekman also served as a prototype for the main characters — Dr. Lightman, played by Tim Roth.

Russian design — is not the only one of its kind. Thus, a similar project, also based on the writings of the Ekman, called SPOT was launched in 2007 with funding from the Office of promising developments (DARPA). The results of the pilot test installation at airports are still the subject of controversy — critics say that the system is similar to the Ekman tossing a coin in the event that the person is the staff suspicions. Also criticized by the main thesis of the Ekman that many details of displays of emotion are universal and do not depend on the culture.

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