Russian experts will create a three-dimensional model of Damascus

Fragment created by JSC "SPC REKOD» 3D-model of the city of Tyumen

Specialists JSC "SPC REKOD" briefed the delegation of the Syrian establishment of remote sensing of the Earth using the socio-economic sphere of Russia from space activities, including built on the basis of satellite images three-dimensional maps of Russian cities.

"At the end of last year I was in Syria, and there we are with the organization GORS agreed to cooperate in the field of space technology and technology in various sectors of the economy. We offered our integrated products: the construction of three-dimensional models of cities, the use of high-precision navigation using the GLONASS system for monitoring transport and for the needs of other sectors of the economy"- Told reporters on Monday held a meeting in Moscow with a delegation of Syrian general director of JSC" SPC REKOD "Vyacheslav Bezborodov.

According to him, during a visit to Syria, Damascus City Hall asked the delegation of "NPK" REKOD "with a proposal to create a three-dimensional map of the city. "The project we are discussing today. We agreed that we will continue to contract research as see in GORS partner with whom we can introduce our ready solutions in Syria, "- said V.Bezborodov.
He said that Russian specialists demonstrated solutions found interest among the Syrian delegation. As a result of the meeting, it was decided to withdraw to the signing of a protocol of intent. The protocol can be signed in the next month, said V.Bezborodov.

In addition, the "NPK" REKOD "reported that the company has signed and approved the subjects of the Russian Federation with nine regional programs on the use of space activities in the socio-economic sphere. The contracts have a seven regions (Vologda region, Udmurtia, Moscow Region, Bashkortostan, Tyumen Oblast, Buryatia, Voronezh region) are at the approval stage. During the year, the program should be signed. Another subject of the Russian Federation from 21 collaborative programs are under development.

In the territories of subjects with which co-operation is, "SPC" REKOD "creates a regional center for space services. In eight subjects of the RF centers already established. At the stage of creation are 10 centers. The negotiations on the establishment of a further 13 centers are continuing.
JSC "SPC" REKOD "defined an authorized representative of Russian Federal Space Agency for the preparation and implementation of joint agreements, programs and projects with the subjects of the Russian Federation and other consumers in the use of space activities.

The task of the Company are also ensuring the development of custom, education and innovation infrastructure of the results of space activities and the provision of services in this area.

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