Russian export industry of software development (8th edition, 2011)

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We present you with the results of the 8th annual survey of export software industry Russia (English version here). As in the previous seven years, a report prepared by the Nonprofit Partnership software developers Russoft (RUSSOFT). RUSSOFT is the leading association of export-oriented companies in Russia, engaged in the development of software products and provision of services in software development. Russoft also includes a number of leading companies in Belarus and Ukraine, bringing together about 75 companies.

Over the past year, our industry is almost fully recovered from the global financial crisis, coming on the same rate of growth of exports, which were observed in 2008. The industry has achieved worldwide recognition, and its members regularly receive higher ratings leading analytical agencies. 

In 2011, respondents expect continued growth in exports of 20%, and the continuing trend of specialization Russian developers of high-tech developments and products. Continue relatively faster growth of exports of software products in comparison with the export of services for the development of software, although the scope of the provision of services are becoming increasingly involved universities and research institutions.

And yet, to say that in front of the industry expect a bright future growth, it would be premature. Staff costs rose to the heights of European, while the instability of tax regulation and worsening feeding the new cadres of the universities are threatening the competitiveness of the industry decline.

As always, the results are based on wide consultation with market participants. In 2011, it collected about 160 qualitative questionnaires completed by respondents from the number of export-oriented software development companies that can adequately reflect the situation on the market.

In addition to analyzing the survey results, it collected a lot of information from other sources, primarily from the reports of research agencies, reports of the companies and publications in the media. By working together to obtain a material that gives a clear picture of the state of the industry and identifies the main trends of its development.

Leading role in the preparation of the report played Dmitry Zhelvitsky of publishing ComputerWorld. Significant contribution to the refinement of the final version of the report made by Professor Andrei Terekhov, St. Petersburg State University, who has spent his full examination. Special thanks also the company PROMT, to translate the report into English. I express my sincere gratitude to the Association APKIT, which has for a number of years has been sponsoring our research.

I thank all those who took part in the survey and thus allowed us to create a versatile, adequate and reliable source of information on the export of the software industry in Russia.

Managing editor of the 8th edition,

President of the Association "Russoft"

Valentin Makarov

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