Russian export of metallurgical products by 17%

Export of ferrous metals and their products from the Russian Federation on the basis of 2012 in volume terms increased by 16.5% compared with a year earlier, to the materials of the Federal Customs Service (FCS), reports "Interfax".

In this case, the highest rates increased shipments to CIS countries — more than twice. Exports to non-CIS countries increased by 6.5%.

In value terms, exports as a whole grew by 5.3%, while shipments to CIS countries fell by 7.6% in the CIS countries — increased by 2.2 times.

The physical volume of purchases of ferrous metals and products from them for the period increased by 9.3%. From foreign countries imported 2.8% less than in 2011, from the CIS — almost 20% more. In monetary terms, there was the following dynamics, respectively: a decline of 3%, a reduction of 10% and an increase of 7%.

Beginning in 2012, the FCS track indicators of trade with Belarus and Kazakhstan is not only a common outcome of exports and imports, as previously, but also to distribute the goods.

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