Russian farmers are not afraid of the WTO and swine fever — Zubkov

Over the years, farmers 1.5-2 completely shut down domestic demand for poultry meat, According to First Deputy Prime Minister Viktor Zubkov during his working visit to the Pskov region.
By the way, even five years ago, Russia was buying a year 1.3 million tons of U.S. chicken leg quarters. Zubkov said, the volume of agricultural output this year has increased by 17 percent. And the first time the country will be fully secured by its sugar, Russian newspapers wrote.
Despite the threats in the form of zero import duties on imported pork after the accession of our country to the WTO and African swine fever, Russian breeders are planning to soon fully provide the country with its products. In the Pskov region, Viktor Zubkov gave start of the second stage of the pig farm for growing and fattening of 480,000 animals a year.


And in the future, it will contain a million heads. When you consider that the population of the Pskov region — about 600,000 people, or pork enough not only for the internal needs of the region, but also for trade beyond.

However, the Russian meat abundance while threatening to African swine fever, but the disease, experts say, is basically walking in his household. There has not complied with the requirements of veterinary, animal feed swill. Therefore needs its pig population, safe food. The next year, next to the mega-farm plan to sow the seed, construction of the elevator and feed mill capacity of 40 tons per hour. It is worth noting that the price of the only pig Pskov — 14 billion rubles. The government promised financial support for the formation of the Russian high-yielding herds, subsidized loans for new enterprises and modernization of existing farms. For example, 3.5 billion rubles in 2012 will be allocated to support the breeding of livestock. Money for the grants in investkreditam next year will be more than $ 7 billion. Thus, the total amount of state support for these purposes will exceed 52 billion rubles. In addition, there are big investments in the social development of the village.
This year alone, the village commissioned 1.2 million square meters of housing, Viktor Zubkov has said at a meeting with students of the Agricultural Academy in Great Luki, Pskov region. According to first deputy prime minister, multi-billion dollar investments of the state and investors in agriculture, housing and modern production — a powerful argument to go after graduation to work in the village. By the way, told the regional governor Andrei Turchak, the regional program young professionals who came to work in the village, paid lifting for three years at 150,000 rubles.
The region has well-developed poultry and dairy farming.
Given the area of state may contribute to the saturation of the domestic market of dairy products. Nationwide, the figure should reach 95 percent, and last year the Russian milk, cheese and cottage cheese on the shelves was only 78 percent. In addition to further subsidize the production of milk and other measures, the government has promised to resolve the issue of preferential prices for fuels and lubricants and mineral fertilizers in 2012. "We were given a discount in 2009, and in 2010 and in 2011. For a number of regions of the discount gets up to 30 percent. We will keep here, no questions asked "- promised at a meeting with farmers in Pskov, Viktor Zubkov.
Support for the Russian agricultural industry of the federal budget has exceeded the plan by half. From 2008 to 2011, in the AIC invested 635.5 billion.
This year overcome the decline in agriculture caused by the economic crisis and the drought of the last two years. First Deputy Prime Minister announced figures for the harvest of grain: in net weight, after cleaning and drying, it will amount to 92-93 million tons.

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