Russian farmers will be supplying biomaterials for patients Scientific Center of Cardiovascular Surgery. ANBakulev RAMS

For the treatment of people will use pericardial bags calves and pigs (special connecting walls surrounding the heart animals). According to doctors, this is the best biomaterial from which you can create biological prosthetic valves of the human heart.

Every year, in the center of the Bakulev performed more than 4 500 000 open-heart surgeries. In the experiments often require bioprosthesis, which are still in short supply.

The cooperation agreement signed with the Centre Bakuleva ekofermoy Konovalov, Shakhovskoi located in the district of the Moscow region. This company has long been known and innovative ways of farming and use of environmental technologies for growing cattle.

"We regularly take away biological material from slaughterhouses suburban" — said the head of the laboratory production of bioprosthesis Research Center im.A.N.Bakuleva Natalia Bakuleva. "But the quality they supply subproduktsii not suit us. Animals grown with the use of hormonal supplements and antibiotics can not be used in medicine, "- added Bakulev.

Within six months, experts studied biomaterials supplied farm Alexander Konovalov. It was made several dozen frameless frame and biological prosthetic heart valves. Only now signed an agreement on long-term cooperation.

"We raise the animals in pristine environmental conditions. We watch TV cow, calves fed fresh milk, pigs also fed exclusively organic, "- said the head of the eco-farm Alexander Konovalov. "For our economy to work with the center of the Bakulev there is no commerce. We supply biomaterials for free. "

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