Russian Federal Security Service has received a new assault rifle


On the arms of the FSB Russia entered a new assault rifle AL-12.

Branch KBP "Central Design Bureau of Sporting and Hunting Arms" began serial deliveries of assault machines.

This was stated by Director of RIA Novosti Viktor Zelenko.

According to him, the FSB has already received the first batch of 20 machines.

"For the FSB, we have developed assault rifle caliber AL-12 12.7 cartridges to do it, too. This year started serial deliveries of the first 20 machines delivered, "- said Zelenko on Thursday in Moscow Klimovsk where the polygon-based Central Research Institute of Precision Engineering is an exposition of the enterprise.

Zelenko added that his branch is supplying weapons and for the Ministry of Defense — is two-media machine DT, which is submerged underwater shoots bullets, and land-based conventional.

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