Russian firefighters showed Serbs, on what the Be-200 and Mi-26

Air Group Russian Emergencies Ministry to combat forest fires second time seconded to Serbia. At the end of the summer season here starts forest fires, and no Russian military equipment to local rescuers have hard. Russian amphibious aircraft Be-200 and heavy Mi-26 helicopter belonging to Air Group MOE, have eliminated a few pockets of fire in the remote areas of Serbia.

"The Russian technology is here for a reason. It really is involved in fire. And I would like to thank our Russian friends for it, "- said the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Ivica Dacic. He attended the joint Russian-Serbian exercises on Lake Oblachinsko in southern Serbia. Firefighters demonstrated in exercises with the fire fighting skills. The Be-200 put out the fire lane length of 100 meters, and the Mi-26 has shown the method of point fighting. Of Serbian art in the exercises involved a helicopter Bell 212.

For local residents, fire drills were a real event. During the exercises the pilots watched with interest a few dozen residents of nearby settlements, and even the local bikers traditionally maintained close relations with Russian counterparts. After the exercises, the aircraft technician went to put out these fires.

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