Russian fleet Ruskeala

Ruskeala — the territory of Karelia, near Sortavala. It is a very interesting place for cognitive rest for lovers of pure nature of the north.


The main attraction — the marble canyon. One of the quarries ("mountain park Ruskeala") is equipped for tourists — around cleared and fenced walkways, equipped with parking, right in the career you can rent a boat and enjoy the view from the water on the marble walls with a height of over 20 meters.

Other attractions

Italian quarry. Here you can trace the structure of marble and understand why the Italians were disappointed in the production of marble. 17% of the expected marbles they have received only 3%. The point that is suitable for cladding marble is deep, it is not known how many quality marble.

The current Evangelical Lutheran parish.

Ruskeala waterfalls. The most beautiful — Ruskeala Ahvenkoski waterfall. Translated from Finnish "Okunevaya threshold." Waterfall is visible right from the road, there is furnished playground, gazebo. Equipped with parking, equipped with benches, shelters and toilets.

Ruskeala failure. This mysterious icy dip was formed in the sixties after the explosions at a nearby quarry. On the surface, revealed an impressive oval hole about 20 by 30 meters. The main feature of the failure — a special microclimate. Due to the effect of cold ice bag in distant parts of the production does not melt ever. According to it, you can walk with caution, even in summer.

Getting there (from St. Petersburg, Petrozavodsk)
From St. Petersburg
Car. Travel time from 5 to 6 hours. On the highway to Priozersk Priozersk continue to Sortavala on the highway A-129. In Sortavala need to move along the main road in the direction of the village of Wärtsilä, the line A-130. This way you get to p.Ruskeala, about 20 minutes drive from the town of Sortavala.

By bus. From St. Petersburg to g.Sotravala from the underground "Devyatkino" every day is a bus at 10:00 from Sortavala in St. Petersburg daily at 16:00. Tel bus driver: 8-921-930-97-00. Reservations are necessary in advance!

Shuttle. From the St. Petersburg daily shuttles to go Sortavala and back. Tel drivers of minibuses: 8-921-221-30-89, 8-921-626-89-54, 8-921-465-66-55. Reservations are required in advance.
From Petrozavodsk

Car. Travel time from 5 to 6 hours. We must move from Petrozavodsk in the direction of the village of Wärtsilä. By Road A-130 you get to p.Ruskeala.

Train. Time 12 hours. Train number 680-W Petrozavodsk — Sortavala (via Kaalamo). Departure from Petrozavodsk at 19.20, arrival at p. Kaalamo to 6.06.

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