Russian football is evolving!


Deputy Director General / Secretary-General of the Russian Football Union, Alexander Sharp-eyed at the official website of the RFU told about the implementation of development programs in our football and their prospects.

— How do you assess the results of 2011 for Russian football?

— Our recent results encouraging and give the right to be optimistic about the future. All the decisions that were adopted at the conference RAF in 2010, are already paying off in full. Here and in the successful performance of the national team, youth team, teams of other subspecies of football — beach football, futsal. Step by step we are moving in the direction we have chosen. This applies to the improvement of the material-technical base of Russian football, the development of football infrastructure in the regions of our country.

We are working closely with the Ministry of Sport, Tourism and Youth Policy of the Russian Federation. The implementation of the "Sub development of football in Russia 2008-2015", which is part of the federal "Program of development of physical culture and sports in Russia 2006-2015", financed from the state budget. Football — the only sport that has its own routine, adopted at the federal level. In 2011, with the participation of the department of regional development programs in the regions of the RAF were built 41 full-size artificial turf field.

In Novosibirsk, the recently inaugurated an ultra-modern football arena, with a magnificent podtribunnogo room, locker rooms, a swimming pool. There is the ability to simultaneously carry out matches of the Russian national football and mini-soccer. In 2012, will be put into operation arena in Saransk, with treadmills, at 5,000 spectators with the ability to increase capacity to eight thousand. The next step — Krasnoyarsk, arena project in the city has already been agreed. Completed finishing work on the basis of youth teams of Russia on football Bronnitsi will open on the first or second week of January. In other words, we do not stand still — and this is most important to date.

— Talking about the implementation of the "routines of football development in Russia", if all goes according to schedule? Are there any gaps?

— Financing of the routines was reduced somewhat. There are objective reasons to reduce affected not only football. In particular, there was a correction program for the construction of artificial pitches for the period from 2010 to 2012, about 50 per cent. In 2010, 88 of the planned 40 fields were laid in 2011 — 38 of 78. In 2012, as the bed is 38 fields. At the same time laid down in the federal budget funds for the development of material and technical base of specialized centers and Youth soccer for the construction of arenas remain unchanged.

According to our idea, modern playpens should be inter-regional centers for training football players. In addition to Novosibirsk, Krasnoyarsk and Saransk, which I have already said, negotiations for the design of the arena in Yaroslavl. In the Black Earth have suggestions for Voronezh region in the Far East — the Khabarovsk and Vladivostok. Commenting on the timing of construction, the erection of a playpen originally pawned two years.

— The Russian Football Union in 2005, implementing the "RFS Goal." Can you tell us about him?

— The project is aimed at supporting regional football federations in the country. It was created by analogy with the project "FIFA Goal", in which the International Federation of Football Association financially supports football in the world. Each year, the budget of the Russian Football Union laid funds to "RFS Goal." In 2011, for the support of our regional federations allocated more than 25 million rubles. Since 2005, the amount for each of the regional federation is constantly increasing. If six years ago, it was 60,000 rubles, today — 300 000. In addition, for each inter-regional association football is allocated half a million rubles. These funds can be directed to conduct youth competitions, organizing training camps for national teams of countries and regions, the purchase of sports equipment and science teaching materials and activities that are carried out in accordance with the Charter of the federations.

One of the major projects being implemented in Russian football, is a joint with UEFA "Hat Trick." It aims to provide logistical support youth football. From 2006 to 2008 held the project "Hat Trick» I, from 2009 to 2012 — "Hat Trick» II. In this second version of the project we have completed ahead of schedule — in 2010 it was implemented by 100 percent. On these projects UEFA past practice singled out € 2.5 million for each national association. In addition, the Union of European Football Associations, and allocates funds for the development of the club licensing system, and the development of women’s football, running training courses for football experts.

According to the draft, "Hat Trick", UEFA invited us to build a small platform — measuring 18 by 24 meters. But we suggested UEFA own project. Given the popularity in our country, indoor soccer, we have adopted a program for the construction of platforms with the artificial surface measuring 20 by 40.

— And as far as the effective implementation of the projects turned out "hat-trick"?

— It was put into operation 247 such mini-football fields in 80 regions of Russia. Each regional federation received free of charge from the Russian Football Union for at least one site. You should always add that this project has given a strong impetus for the adoption of regional programs for the development of football and building sites already own regions. Currently, the country has built more than two thousand such sites. The main result of the joint project of UEFA and the RAF was the popularization of football in the country’s regions, improving infrastructure and logistics in Coach and football centers. This will allow boys and girls to improve their skills year-round.

— UEFA has announced the upcoming project "Hat Trick» III. Does the RAF take part in it?

— If the Conference and the Executive Committee of the Russian Football Union will support this decision, we will certainly take part. Implementation of the "Hat Trick» III is scheduled from 2013 to 2016. UEFA invites applications from national associations in 2012. The new version of the "Hat Trick" We plan to build another 100 mini-football fields with artificial turf. And, to emphasize that it is a qualitatively new sites. Besides the fact that we provide artificial field, we want to provide the opportunity to make an electronic scoreboard, lighting.

Now studied the question of which of the companies will partner with the RAF in the project and will have the status of our official partners in social projects. At this point I can say about our two partners. One of them — a well known company "Bamard", which produces artificial turf. They work in Russia for the past 15 years, have established their production in the Ulyanovsk region. The company uses the most recent developments in the manufacture of artificial turf. The second company with which we have already been working on the issue of partnership is Philips, which provides displays for sports facilities and lighting.

Most recently completed our joint "Bamard" and Philips pilot project. 4 October in Moscow Khamovniki the grand opening of the center of domestic football Kachalina name of Gabriel, including a football field 40 by 60 meters with artificial turf, locker rooms, bleachers, lighting project was
timed to coincide with the 100th anniversary of the birth of our outstanding coach.

That’s such a partnership is possible with the involvement of more and other sponsors in the regions.

— How far the country full-size fields with artificial turf?

— According to statistics, in 2005, Russia had about 50-60 of these fields. At the end of 2010 — already 400. This was made possible largely due to the implementation of the project "to give children a stadium." The work is very much, but, of course, have the satisfaction that we have moved this layer. Because many years nothing happened in this matter. In the 90s there was no development at all. Then, when the economy only began to rise, with football remained a problem with finances. It is only since the mid-2000s there were real resources to improve the material and technical base.

One of the main tasks of the RAF — to help regional federations to adopt a local football development program. Somewhere write a letter of recommendation, somewhere, this condition is a requirement for participation in our projects. Have to be part of the region, co-financing. By the way, according to this scheme was implemented project "hat-trick" routine works of the federal target program for the development of football.

And we have often obtained as follows: the region itself did not start doing this until the center does not come penny. Here, for example, from the center of the region emit 8.5 million rubles. Amount like, large, but it is not sufficient to build a field. On the field, you need about 20 million. The rest of the funds will invest region. Today everyone knows and understands that football infrastructure needs to be changed. And no one in this needs to be convinced. But still, first and foremost, think about where to get the money.

— A few years ago the island was discussed problem of misuse of regions arranged in the framework of the Russian Football Union Field …

— Yes, these signals were. Unfortunately, there have been cases in the field of neglecting the interests of the junior football school. On the field, students were not allowed Youth, hanged locks. But we responded promptly, went and talked with mayors, heads of sports committees and, for that was a must reduce a brain. Why is it happening? This is to some extent our Russian mentality …

We’re not talking about that on the field should not be performed various other competitions — amateur or commercial. However, this should not be at the expense of children who need to do in the first place. This is the central tenet! Even when we are self-promoting this project, we signed a quadripartite agreement. Before getting on the region of the Russian Football Union money to build the field, the signature on the contract set RFU football school — as the recipient of the municipality or the government of the region, as well as local regional federation, whose responsibilities include monitoring the proper use of the field. Now control more strictly, because the funding goes to the federal level.

In those objects that are currently being built under the federal program, specifically prescribed recipient. They are a sports school, in which the field can at least be in the grant long-term lease, and even better — in the property. Ideally, of course, the owner should be the one who uses the field. The owner will try to make good use of the object, to prevent misuse.

Take the arena in Omsk. It was built by the region itself. Nice complex, at its base the regional training center for football players and experts in the field of football. Convenient location, next to the stadium, around the arena there are several natural fields. However, the operation of the sports facility raises questions. There are different exhibitions, and, carried out even without the use of protective coatings for the field. Somewhere broke somewhere hooked. Naturally, this field is unusable for football matches. The field needs to be changed. For our part, we wrote letters of recommendation, including at the governor’s level. However, interest in the use of the arena football exclusively from the local authorities is not enough.

— You probably have the data by region. Where are most acutely deficient in logistics?

— Every year, we are monitoring the data, in 2011, publish a directory where there is information on the total amount involved, the number of professional clubs and players — men and women, arenas, stadiums, malls and Youth. The complicated situation is observed in Siberia and the Far East. In many ways, the problem lies in the fact that in the more developed regions historically receive other sports — hockey, hockey. However, we are actively working on this issue. Only in one Primorsky Territory in the last five years have been laid full-size football field with artificial turf. Proactive approach to the modernization of infrastructure football managers take Krasnoyarsk and Altai Krai.

Certainly, the fact that in the East of the country is completely different population density and long distances between cities in a sufficient impact on the development of football. But we’re not going to stop working on different areas to stimulate the development of football. At the initiative of the President of the RFU Sergey Fursenko, signed an agreement with "Aeroflot", which provides commands for MRO "Siberia" ticket on the exclusive prices. This saves you a decent amount.

— In 2011, the Russian Football Union has launched two new projects — "Park football" and "Man Football nationality" …

— That’s right. It is very important projects, the promotion of which is held during various football events. Stress that these projects are fundamentally different from other projects RFU orientation. Here it is not about the material and technical development of our football, but about the spiritual and moral perfection. What is very important! Love for the game, respect for each other — without this it is impossible to imagine the modern football!

— In your opinion, the conquest of Russia the right to host the 2018 FIFA World Cup will give a powerful impetus to the development of our football?

— We must use this chance! I remember when we developed the concept of development of Russian football until 2015, had a good in-depth analysis of the stadiums in Russia. Count how many stadiums, what quality, what year, and capacity, as used by … To be honest, then let the tears, knowing the basis on which we operate. The adopted at the state level routines we have been mandated to prepare proposals for the construction of new stadiums. Just then there was the idea on the nomination of our country’s bid to host the 2018 World Cup. And fortunately for us, we got it right! Thanks to what should appear in Russia superstadionov 10-13.

In addition to the capital region, which with the advent of the arenas in "Spartacus" and CSKA Moscow "Dynamo" will be more prosperous than it has Yaroslavl, Rostov-on-Don, Krasnodar, Saransk, Sochi, Nizhny Novgorod, St. Petersburg, Kaliningrad. In Yekaterinburg, have launched a new arena, but there is still work to be done to increase the capacity. Now it is 27,000, and for the World Cup matches must be at least 40.

— How about the idea that you put into practice at the last two European Championships, when used to increase the capacity of the temporary bleachers?

— Of course, we are prescribed and such moments. In the same Yekaterinburg prepare a project on additional placement of the stands for another 15,000 globally without changing the design of the stadium. And we pointed out the possibility of using the collapsible bleachers. You have to understand that in cities with a population less than a million, there is no urgent need to erect a large arena. After all, it must be a
ssumed as the new stadiums will be used in the future, after the World Cup. For example, in South Africa, now do not know how to use the built 2010 World Cup a huge arena. Therefore, our firm conviction stadiums should be fully utilized for football!

Russia — the country is large. And 10-13 new superstadionov not cover all deficits. This is just the tip of the iceberg. At the same time, in all the cities can not build elite stadiums. We are playing in the Second Division 75 clubs — is 50 regions where play football professionally. In this regard, we have prepared a draft of small stadiums, pure football, with a capacity of 3 to 10,000 — the exact figure should, of course, depend on the population of a city. We need a compact, affordable and cozy arena. Such projects in Europe quite a lot. For example, the stadium of Dutch club AZ.

Optional around the perimeter to make the podium with a stationary podtribunnogo room, which occupy a lot of space. Two convenient enough for fans on the stands length of the field, under which there are all the necessary facilities for the participants of the match. The rest of the stands can be pre-fabricated.

Construction and engineering companies have already sent many proposals for this project. In particular, TRIBUNE-heated space. Now this technology is applied at the stadium "Locomotive", there is heated VIP-area. At 3, 5, 10-thousanders, the system may allow the creation of a positive climate throughout the stadium. We want to offer the region with a cold climate to take this suggestion on board.

Football at the elite does not stop. We have to go to the regions. And the project of small stadiums would give a good impetus to the segment of the budget for professional football stadiums. By the way, if considered necessary, stadiums could serve as a backup arena for bigger clubs. According to the accepted system of competition "Autumn Spring", with the time we have to take a few more weeks of winter for the match. Modern small stadiums with artificial turf would enable these games and at the same time save on the main stadium of natural grass, which at that time in most regions has not "wake up" from the winter.

— As far as the RFU may use the procedure for certification and licensing of stadiums as a tool in the issue of modernization of infrastructure?

— In our situation — it’s more of a tool to influence the owner of the stadium for the maintenance facility in proper working condition: bleachers, football field lighting, a football field, with safety regulations. A curious fact, but it sometimes happens that the club asked us not to give a certificate to the regional authorities deal somehow moved.

In Russia, the stadium is often not related to the club. This is the problem of the owner and the user. And we often turns out that the club wants, even if does not have the right to just go and invest in the development of the stadium, which is playing. The whole procedure. And the municipality, for example, no interest, no money.

— In the beginning of the conversation you mentioned the imminent opening of the base youth teams Russian football Bronnitsi …

— Yes. As I said, there completed the finishing work. Why is the base for teams of boys and girls are chosen precisely Bronnitsi? I’m not afraid to say that it is our national teams namolennoe place. Back in 1995, Vyacheslav Koloskov decided to support this base and holding training camps there. There’s a fantastic natural environment, the Peninsula, rowing canal and Moskva river. 13 football natural lawns. In 2002 the project "FIFA Goal" have commissioned an artificial field of very high quality, which can be played in any weather. The founder of the base Bronnitsi with the RAF was the former mayor of Alexander Syroezhkin. If it were built in residential housing, training room, open SDUSHOR Cup, which, by the way, now bears his name.

The decision to build Bronnitsi base for youth teams was made by Vitaly Mutko. In 2006, with the participation of UEFA was solemnly laid the first stone. This project RFU spent about a million euros. And according to the subprogram development of football in Russia, allocated 800 million rubles. Now Bronnitsi is over, let’s say, the first stage of the work. Built hotel complex into three teams, with the entire infrastructure — recreation center, swimming pool, sauna, gym. The second stage — the construction of one of the complex into three teams and the field of artificial heating and lighting. In the future we will be able to conduct Bronnitsi qualifiers League. The construction of the base — a very important step. And in 2012 the Ministry of Sports is planning to open an office in the football existing Bronnitsi federal school of Olympic reserve, which transferred to the base of the operational management.

— What happened to the training base of the "Sputnik-sports" in Sochi?

— I am pleased to note that it is non-stop developing at a good pace. With the support that the RAF had in the early stages, "Sputnik-Sport" not only got to his feet and continued to develop independently. This is the example of how things should develop sports facilities. Thank you very much, "Stroytransgaz", which together with the RFU is the founder of "Sputnik-Sport". Today there is a great pool, a serious medical rehabilitation center, fitness center, playgrounds for beach soccer. The plans — to build a universal indoor hall. In general, this project is benefiting the Russian football.

Remember how in 2005 in Sochi, we conducted field meeting of the Executive Committee of the RAF with a single theme "Development of football material base on the Black Sea coast of Russia." And the "Sputnik-Sport" — part of the completed project.

Unfortunately, this development did not get our project soccer boarding school in Kudepsta, which were invested decent money. On the basis of the usual boarding with the old stadionchik we built the arena with artificial turf, running track for a workout, a mini soccer field. Our task was to create a custom football school for children from low-income families. Alas, it is not started has grown to an independent life. We have attempted to pass an object to the Administration of Sochi, with no result. It is a pity, because in the Krasnodar region it would be a great center for the training of players at the highest level. Of course, you can return to the project. However, this requires a common interest. In this country it is important for us to be any point of growth. Most importantly, from the perspective of the local authorities was ready.

— The Russian Football Union today pays great attention to the training coaching staff, the Academy of coaching skill …

— We have a whole program and a series of activities related to the training and retraining of coaching staff. Together with the Academy coaching skills in the areas of its operating subsidiaries, on the basis of higher education institutions, where there are football department. The impact we stake on youth specialists. Did you know that the RFU coaching signed the Charter of UEFA. This means that those experts who have been training with us, have the opportunity to work abroad. Our diploma convert throughout Europe.

We went on — entered the coaching category C and D. This is our national search. Coaches, teachers of secondary schools — a category D, they are engaged in athletic training at the primary level. Category C acts in youth football.

Why are we come up with? That educators understand how to start and where to go. To develop coaches in their knowledge, reading books, talking to each other and share experiences. It’s a whole process. Furthermore, we insist on the introduction of a specific regulatory documents claim that football and Youth centers are required to have in their teaching staff
so many coaches with the category C.

We began the great work! And with the advent of the RFU Academy coaching skills, this work will be even more effective. After all, you can build a lot of great stadiums, but if there is no good coaches, everything — nothing.

— Do RAF outlines some new projects aimed at the development of the common favorite game?

— Yes. Now the RFU and the Lithuanian Football Federation takes part in the joint project with the European Union, which includes conducting various football activities in the border towns. If the document is well developed and approved by the EU, this project will involve Kaliningrad, Lithuania and Poland.

Cross-border project for the development of football already exists within Europe. And over time, we also can not be limited to the Kaliningrad region, and connect to a draft of our other regions. For example, Karelia and Leningrad region could participate in it, along with Finland. This social project aims to integrate the football in different countries, and it is designed mainly for children. Thus football helps people of different cultures to communicate with each other, to learn languages.

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