Russian Foreign Ministry told about the problems of American democracy

Washington claims to be a global leader in the protection of human rights and democratic values are untenable, as the situation in this field in the United States is far from good. The basis for this assertion is the Russian Foreign Ministry report "On the situation with human rights in the U.S."

  • United States America Statue of Liberty
  • United States America Statue of Liberty

As reported in the dipvedomstva, while working on a multi-page document experts based on reliable information from reputable international and national sources.

International rating agencies in 2012 significantly reduced the level of freedom of speech in the United States. This was largely due to the very stringent measures that the American police to take action against journalists who were covering the objectionable acts of protest to the U.S. authorities "Occupy Wall Street".

New York experienced festivities of the "occupiers" System aggressiveness U.S. police

And this is not the first time that civil society organizations are paying attention to the world community and of Washington itself to serious violations of democracy and human rights in the United States. In particular, the Institute for Democracy and Cooperation in New York for the fourth consecutive year, produces reports, which refers to the blatant police treatment of immigrants, an infringement of freedom of speech, of class inequality. Said the director of the Institute for Democracy and Cooperation in New York Andranik Migranyan:

"Of course, America — a country with great democratic traditions. But if you look closely at how to construct social life, then, unfortunately, there are a lot of problems that do not allow the U.S. has clearly positioned itself as a kind of model, a teacher, how to comply human rights. "


As an example — presidential elections to be held in the U.S. on November 6. It would seem, here it is — a manifestation of the highest form of democracy. But even here there is discrimination on social grounds, by nationality, a violation of electoral rights. In an interview with "Voice of Russia" told the candidate for vice-president of the United States of the party "Greens" Cheri Honkala:

"The reason that the U.S. is not allowed observers to the elections — the possibility of deception: we have so many people who do not want or can not vote. And now in some states, the system returns to" permit the right to vote. "Artificially created barriers for potential voters — the working class and those living below the poverty level. "

Until now, Russia on an official level did not interfere in the democratic processes of trans-Atlantic power. But it’s time to change the attitude to the issue, the head of the Duma Committee on International Affairs Alexei Guns:

"We have for too long taken the position of the accused, agreed with those claims, which shall be presented to us, and how would agree with the fact that the country has a so-called traditional democracy that can teach us. But post-Soviet Russia has recently celebrated the 20th anniversary of his, and we think that those States that have taken on the role of mentors in that time have proven that they are far from perfect democracy.

We have seen that the same U.S. is widely violate human rights and within their own country and abroad. This applies to violations of the rights of children of immigrants from Russia. As for the secret CIA prisons in the Middle East and Eastern Europe. This also applies to civilian deaths in Afghanistan during a military operation that there spend U.S. and NATO countries, and many other aspects. Under these conditions continue to remain silent — then play along to an information vacuum that was created by the Western media in human rights violations. "


On Monday (22.10), the Russian parliament adopted a number of recommendations to the supreme executive and legislative branches of the United States.

USA. From barbarism to decadence

Among them — the introduction of an immediate moratorium on the death penalty, tougher penalties for racism, control over distribution of child pornography, and others. As noted by the Russian deputies and Russian diplomats, Moscow now intends to firmly and consistently point to a violation of human rights by the United States of America. The U.S. should not only teach others how to respect human rights, but doing it yourself first.

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