Russian Foreign Ministry warned the world from the invasion of Syria

Statement by the Spokesman of Russia A.K.Lukashevicha of remarks by U.S. Secretary of Defense


In Moscow, drew attention to the statement by the Minister of Defense of the United States Ch.Heygla conducted on behalf of President Barack Obama's activities to ensure readiness of the U.S. armed forces at any time to carry out military action against Syria.

Alarming and sounding of Paris, London and other capitals demands strong reaction to the alleged use of armed forces of Syria's chemical weapons in Eastern Huta August 21 this year while completely ignoring many facts pointing to the fact that this action was a provocation of the irreconcilable opposition.

All this brings to mind the events of ten years ago, when, on the pretext of false information about the presence of the Iraqis had weapons of mass destruction, the United States outside the UN went on an adventure, the consequences of which are well known.

The current fussiness about what happened on August 21 is clearly aimed at the successful intervention in Syria began in the work of UN independent experts on chemical weapons and looks especially odd when you consider how long the Paris and London blocked the direction of the mission to Syria to investigate the incident with the use of toxic substances, on 19 March. g in Khan al-Asal, near Aleppo. We can not allow the truth about the incident shook their. August 24 in New York, we referred to the UN Secretariat a full dossier in which the documented facts of the use of chemical agents opposition in Khan al-Asal.

Once again I strongly urge you not to repeat the mistakes of the past, to avoid actions that are inconsistent with international law. Any unilateral military action outside the UN would undermine the efforts of the international community to find a political and diplomatic solution of the Syrian conflict will lead to its further escalation and the most devastating impact on the already volatile situation in the Middle East, which has seen serious consequences unilateral intervention in Libya flagrant violation of UN Security Council resolutions.

Will be undermined and the prospects for convening a "Geneva-2", the training that we agreed with our American partners to accelerate.

We insist on the fulfillment in good faith of agreements reached to hold an international conference on Syria. As is known, in contrast to the Syrian government, which under our influence has long declared its readiness to send representatives to Geneva without preconditions, the opposition of this still did not.

All sponsors of the opposition who have influence on it, should seek early agreement of all the opponents of Bashar al-Assad for talks. Statements as to the threat to use force against the Syrian regime sends the opposite signal opposition, and our American and European partners will recognize the disastrous consequences for the region, the Arab and Islamic world as a whole has such a policy.

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