Russian fotosputnik received the first pictures of the U.S.

Russian fotosputnik "Resource-P" transmitted to Earth the first test shots. The announcement of thispublishedOnline Space Agency, where you can seephotosinhighresolution.

The photos were taken by means of satellite-based optical system, "Geoton." On three published by Roskosmos black-and-white photographs show the city in the United States — Los Angeles and Kansas City. According to the engineers, "the resulting images are generally in line with specified requirements and confirm the high performance characteristics of the spacecraft."

 "Resource-P" waswithdrawninto orbit by means of carrier rocket "Soyuz-2.1b" on June 25. Start conducted from the Baikonur Cosmodrome on the northern path, which requires a separate agreement with the Kazakh authorities. Earlier startpostponedbecause of the lack of such an agreement. The satellite was supposed to be in orbit as early as 2012, but then the start was delayed due to the detection of faults in the sensors solar orientation.

"Resource-P" was created in Rocket Center "Progress Samara Space Center" and is designed to replaceout of orderin 2010 fotosputnika "Resource-DK1". The new device makes color photos with a resolution of 3-4 meters, as well as monochrome images, the resolution of which is 70 inches. They are designed for mapping, monitoring pollution mineral exploration and other tasks.

UPD tape lying in his repertoire. "Resource-DK" alive and well 

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