Russian FSB Border Service: Stitching wire radar will change at the border

Russian FSB Border Service: radars will replace the barbed wire at the borderThe structure of the Russian Federation border changes radically: the replacement control strips, with stitching wire fences and motion sensors come new monitoring and tracking devices, told Deputy Managing Border Service of the Russian Federation, Lieutenant-General Vladimir Streltsov in an interview with "Russian newspaper".

According to him, to replace the obsolete technical facilities came the "modern funds tracking, radar, laser systems nestled control, unmanned aerial vehicles, surveillance cameras, night vision and much more. In other words, anything that provides automatic collection of disk imaging. "

Striltsiv also said that to ensure the border comes the more modern machinery: Substitute "UAZam" and "Gazelles" come economical and frisky ATVs, snowmobiles. "Although in some places and move around on horseback" — said Scorpio.

Vast northern borders are protected by gallakticheskoy technology and ground-based radar stations. In addition, the management department is considering the introduction of WIG. The exclusion zone turned into sverhtehnologichny signaling system with concealed linear part. Data transmission in this case is carried out by "closed" link at the 10s km without additional repeaters.

"But at the border, where acts on the situation pogrannaryad, made his way radio communication and navigation" dress-gate ", the transfer of data on the location of each soldier in real time. Such a system, which will connect all the technical voedinyzhdy funds border protection, planned as part of development work to be operational before 2013 in Sochi, "- said the Scorpio.

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