Russian FSB officers stopped the illegal activities of Greenpeace

Russian FSB confirmed that Russian border guards did open warning fire on the icebreaker "Greenpeace" "Arctic Sunrise" in the Pechora Sea. At the request of the Federal Security Service, the shooting was provoked by unlawful actions of environmentalists.

September 18, 2013, 12:50

PSKR "Ladoga"


"Due to the current real threat to the security of oil and gas complex of the Russian Federation and disobeying a lawful order to stop the illegal activity by border officials was performed preventive shooting an AK-74" — Interfax reported with reference to the DSP of the FSB Russia.

The ministry said that "during the suppression of unlawful activity" by employees of special purpose units Border Guard Service of Russia in the Murmansk region to the oil platform "Prirazlomnaja" lifted and taken on board the ship "Ladoga" two unidentified persons. For them, all the necessary conditions of stay on board the ship.

"Due to the failure of the captain of the vessel" Arctic Sunrise "to meet the requirements of the termination of illegal activity leadership Border Guard Service of Russia in the Murmansk region in agreement with the Russian FSB Border Service, the decision to stop the ship. The border guards were forced to perform four warning fire from artillery system boundary ship. On fire warning, signals to stop the ship did not respond, "- says DSP FSB Russia.

Russian FSB Border Service reported that the ship "Arctic Sunrise" under the flag of Kingdom of the Netherlands is in the area of waters adjacent to the northern coast of Russia. The ministry stressed that the earlier the crew repeatedly taken provocative actions that pose a threat to maritime security of ships engaged in work on the development of the continental shelf in the Russian sector of the Arctic.

September 14 this year, the report says DSP FSB, the ship left the port of Kirkenes environmentalists and "maintaining radio silence, turning off all the monitoring system", the beginning of the movement towards the Kara Gate Strait, while not having permission to pass the Northern Sea Route. September 16, being at a distance of 60 miles from the entrance to the Strait of Kara Gate, the captain of the ship had been warned the commander of border patrol ship "Ladoga" Border Guard Service of Russia of violating the rules of navigation in the waters of the Northern Sea Route, which operates according to the authorization procedure.

September 17 changed the course of the ship, in an attempt to approach the fixed offshore platform "Prirazlomnaya" relating to the oil and gas complex of Russia. The commander of the boundary ship ship‘s captain was asked to change course due to the fact that he is in an enclosed swimming area, set a radius of three miles from the platform "Prirazlomnaja."

Border Service notes that at a distance of 12 miles from the "Prirazlomnaya" ship changed course toward the open part of the Barents Sea. "During the day it once undertaken demonstrative attempts to get closer to the platform to identify the reaction of the boundary ship. On both sides of the vessel were displayed banners "Save the Arctic" Greenpeace "in Russian and English," — said the DSP FSB.

According to the same data, from 19:00 MSK September 17 to September 18, 04:00 MSK ship "Greenpeace" carried out the maneuver around the platform "Prirazlomnaya" at a distance of three to four miles, without violating the borders closed to swimming area.

"At 4:20 MSK September 18 was an attempt to capture the platform" Prirazlomnaja "unidentified persons", — said DSP FSB.

On board the ship were launched four small-sized boats with unidentified persons on board. Two boats at high speed proceeded to the platform "Prirazlomnaja", two other "transportation carried out an unknown object, like a barrel, toward the platform."

DSP FSB emphasizes that in the course of further action unidentified persons attempted to penetrate the platform "Prirazlomnaja" with "cat" and ropes.

"In order to curb illegal activities on board the coast guard vessel" Ladoga "the platform" Prirazlomnaya "were sent two speedboats with the staff of special purpose units Border Guard Service of Russia in the Murmansk region" — said the DSP FSB. In the Russian Federal Security Service noted that, given the illegal actions of seizing the platform "Prirazlomnaja" by the ship "Arctic Sunrise" FSB organized close cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Transport, OAO "Gazprom", JSC "Rosneft" in order to take coordinated action to ensure the safety of the crew platform and protect the interests of Russia in the Arctic region.

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