Russian gamers are massively opposed to the anti-Russian games

Russian gamers are massively opposed to the anti-Russian game of World of "1C"

Pauline Lavrenteva, blogger, journalist, editor
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For more than 14 thousand people have signed a petition to the Director General of the company "1C SoftKlab" to prohibit the spread of the game Company of heroes 2. Another similar petition addressed to the Director General of the content of Valve Corp. It also signed by thousands. The authors of the document are simple gamers Peter Morozov from Samara and Anton Brezhnev of Orsk.


The reason for the protest was a pronounced anti-Russian, anti-historical and pathologically defamatory game story, developed by the Canadian company Relic and uncritically adopted the spread of Russia’s "1C". The action takes place during the Great Patriotic War, the narrative is on behalf of a simple Russian ex-officer Sliv Isakovich, now sitting in a snowy gulag after conviction for "misperception" of hostilities. Anti-hero in the game is a enkavedeshnik. Russian soldiers have no weapons, they are being driven to the barricades cheered shot in the back, and when their Russian soldiers thwarted their positions just set fire to Russian. The soldiers themselves splendidly demonstrate a strong mentality, setting fire to a Russian-zechem the same house with her as civilians. To go to the player, by the way, there is no place — otherwise you will not pass the mission. In addition, our commanders shot the soldiers as they move away from the post to rescue the wounded and treacherously killed soldiers of the Polish Army. Of all the mythology is not only the rape of German women — but it’s probably because of age restrictions.

Neither the developer of the game … and it is the company Relic, nor the publisher Valve Corp., No distributor and localizer, "1C SoftKlab" have not yet responded to the petition. Claims of Russian players are not commented on them at all — either in the press or in blogs.

However, since the precedent of public claims to the company "1C" about the story of one of her plays have been, we can predict what will turn the case this time. We recall that in 2010 the State Duma deputy Valery Seleznev circulated an open letter demanding a ban on sales of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, where an FSB agent at the airport killing civilians. This level was removed from the Russian localization, but the company is still accused of aiding and abetting terrorism and extremism. "At first we thought that at such absurd statements it makes no sense to respond publicly," — said in a press release published on the website of "1C". Then describes in detail how wrong Seleznev. Well, everything on this passion subsided. However, there was one deputy, and now thousands of outraged people.

Also worth pointing out that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, and Company of heroes 2 games are highly anticipated, popular among fans. Games purchased on a prepaid basis, the agreements with the Russian distributor also concluded in advance. The changes that were made to preserve the nerves Russian players in the Call of Duty, have been initiated by its publisher Activision Blizzard. But the publisher of Company of heroes 2, seems to be a lack of time.

Not too would like to address issues of propaganda, although they immediately suggest themselves. I would like only to cite the opinion of Sergei Galenkina, an Internet journalist, a specialist in the field of gaming business, which he expressed in his blog:

— In the first three missions (I do not resist) cranberries will last for several classic James Bond series and still have thirty minutes Mikhalkov. Soviet troops take Stalingrad in conditions of severe shortages of everything (not true), shoot the prisoners, and burning alive of its fighters, undermine comrades, and even put officers in the Gulag, because, of course, how could it be otherwise?

This confuses me is that the Western media campaign praises the game as a true and realistic. Like, someone finally showed all the crimes of the Soviet Army during the Second World! Against the background of the Soviets, by the way, the fascists in the game look cute fluffy zombies — they are completely deprived of any role in the plot, so they just stick to the inexorable force of our positions.

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