Russian generals of the army returned to the shoulder straps of the Star

Army generals, including Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, the straps on the back of the Star, which they had in Soviet times, it should be of a presidential decree posted on Friday on the official website of legal information.

"The diameter of the embroidered national emblem of the Russian Federation, Star Marshal of the Russian Federation, star Army General and Admiral of the Fleet Star — 40 mm" — the document says.

Operating marshals and admirals of the fleet in Russia. In this case, the title of army generals have at least ten officers.

As explained by the RIA Novosti source in the Russian Defense Ministry, with army generals four stars instead of the current two centimeters in diameter will now be one-star four centimeters in diameter — like a marshal. In this case, marshals Russia, which now does not exist, from the generals of the army to distinguish between having the coat of arms on the shoulder straps.

Thus, in the forthcoming May 9 Victory Day parade Shoigu could appear with a star on the marshal’s uniform.


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