Russian gigahertz 4-core processors put into mass production

December 2, 2011. Successful completion of a fundamental stage in the creation of Russian microprocessors — as a result of public acts signed acceptance test development work to create a system on a chip "MCST-4R" and CPUs based on it. When creating a chip "MCST-R1000» (in the process of designing and testing was designated as a "system on a chip" MCST-4R », chip 1891VM6YA") has been made for the unique domestic development indicators — a chip designed for the 90-nm process, contains four processor cores running at a clock frequency of 1 GHz.


And also, according to the Act of acceptance, MVS4 modules / C and MVS4-PC (capacity up to 24 and 25 GIPS GIPS, respectively), which are developed on the basis of system-on-chip "MCST-4R», allow the creation of computers / computer systems of various capacities; functionality and reliability. Decision on the act of state tests JSC "MCST" tasked to organize the mass production of modules.

Processor modules (motherboard) MVS4 / C (Industrial PCs)


and MVS4-PC (motherboard in a standard desktop version)


based on the chip "MCST-R1000» are modern general-purpose computing systems with the architectural platform, unified with VC "Elbrus-90 micro." The modules provide multi, multi multiprogramme and computing in hard real time. The implementation of these common features supported software, including the operating system OS "Elbrus" and WSWS OS 3.0, an optimizing compiler with C / C + +, high-performance math libraries and a number of other components. Part of the modules and a special set of standard interfaces supported by OS, you can create them on the basis of various computer systems performance, functionality and reliability.

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