Russian gold reserve has exceeded 30 million ounces

Monetary gold reserves in the international reserves of Russia in July continued to grow and increased by 2 percent to 30.1 million troy ounces (about 936 tons). This was reported in the media the Bank of Russia. C beginning of the year gold reserves rose by about 53 tons.

In monetary terms, Russia‘s gold reserves increased by 5.1 percent to 48.678 billion dollars. The proportion of gold in reserves reached 9.5 percent at the beginning of July it was exactly 9 percent.

Gold reserves of Russia in recent years, growing steadily. In early 2007, it stood at 402 tons in 2010, increased to 638 tons, and by 2012 reached 883 tons.

By the volume of gold reserves Russia ranks sixth in the world. More gold in only the USA (8,133 tons), Germany (3,396 tons), Italy (2,451 tons), France (2,435 tons) and China (1,054 thousand tons, data for 2009).

Last year, Bank of Russia significantly reduced the purchase of gold in the domestic market. If in 2011 the Russian producers and processors was bought 136.6 tons, then in 2011, only 81.3 tons.

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