Russian grain exports reached 9.8 million tons

The volume of grain exports from Russia with the July 1, 2012 amounted to 9,763,000 tons. This is evidenced by the materials of the Ministry of Agriculture.

In October it was shipped 1.79 million tons of grain, including 1,196 tons of wheat, 277.2 thousand tons of barley and 257.1 thousand tons of corn.

The Russian Grain Union expects to late October export volume will reach 10,2-10,3 million tons, and by the end of the year export capacity will reach 12 million tons.

As of October 26 was collected 72.2 million tons of grain. The situation with the harvest in 2012 is still severe. Prices are putting pressure on declining volume forecasts grain harvest in Russia. The International Grains Council lowered the forecast in October to 68.6 million tons, a new forecast assumes volumes Agriculture crop at 71.7 million tons. In this case, the continued decline in grain stocks also weighed on prices, and now the only cereal intervention will stabilize domestic prices and to avoid restrictions on the export of grain from countries that have no plans to introduce. RGU expects from November exports will be significantly reduced, and the volume is not restored until March of next year.



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